Reiki is the most advanced form of energy healing available to current mankind and every beast of the earth, and fowl of the air. Reiki Masters flow God source energy directly from Source to your beloved canine friend or adorable feline sidekick. Both cats and dogs love to receive Reiki energy healing which can be performed via long-distance remote sessions.

We’ve seen total transformation in the lives of cats, dogs, horses, birds, reptiles, and all kinds of animals. Animals involved in sports, in zoos, as well as otherwise working animals, race hoses and supportive livestock.

Not unlike us, our animal friends are flowing life force energy. When this energy is high, you will see your animals enjoying a healthy life, energetically, and enthusiastically, with a super immune system. When an animal’s energy plummets, they are more susceptible to stress, displaying signs of depression, and more apt to attract illness and disease.

Reiki is a non-invasive healing modality that utilizes the source of all life for the preservation and expansion of life exponentially by promoting wellness, prosperity, and the highest quality of life in balance with all living things.

All animals, especially cats, dogs, and horses, respond incredibly to reiki energy treatments. Keepers (or partners) of animals often bring them to us, here at the Reiki Ranch, or we are called upon to make house (or barn) calls, though most often the bulk of our healings are done remotely via distance healing sessions, with amazing results.

Any animal who receives remote reiki energy treatment boosts their immune system and increases their sense of overall health and wellbeing. Pain is released as emotional and psychological functions stabilize. Physical acuity is reestablished or reinforced, and the competitive edge is heightened.

As a complementary medicine, a remote reiki session increases healing from surgeries, illness, disease, trauma, or disorders, and shortens recovery time.

Reiki energy helps your animals to perform at peak performance levels while strengthening the bond between you and your pet.

Remote Animal Session

Your Reiki Remote Distance Healing uses the highest form of love energy to maximize your pets’ ability to thrive in this life. And as we know, love begets love, and you will receive similar blessings as well for providing reiki healing sessions for your favorite animal(s).

Reiki Remote Sessions for Animals

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