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In the Laser Reiki Workshop You’ll…

  • Learn how to talk to your subconscious mind to find out where the energy blockages are being held.
  • Learn how to instantly release those reoccurring negative patterns and re-energize the body with Laser Reiki — Over ten times more effective than… any other healing method!
  • Learn a simple way to identify the cause of any ache or pain in the body, mind or soul. Learn how to remove them at the root cause (the beginning of the problem in any lifetime, parallel life or other dimension).
  • Learn how to identify the exact spot where the body wants the Laser Reiki Energy put in to replace the old patterns and install new patterns of constructive energy.
  • Learn how to put positive affirmations into the body in an energy matrix and allow the client’s body to instantly heal! (or body your to heal — in may cases — instantly.)

You will also learn to find out the amount of energy flow is in an injured area and how to return that area to a positive energy flow whereby the body can heal itself.

Example: If there is only 20% energy flow in a certain area then the body can’t repair the damage like it could if the energy flow was 80%. It takes a good energy flow to heal the body. Blocked energy stops healing. Learn and experience these techniques in class.

In the Laser Reiki Level 1-4 training– You’ll experience 8 days of doing and practicing many of these advanced energy healing techniques every day — all under the guidance of the founders of Laser Reiki. You’ll receive multiple, multiple healings yourself during the series of 2-day workshop.

Invest in yourself! Feel the bliss during the 8 days of energy healing workshop.

Laser Reiki Workshop Teaches Multiple Dimensional Healing

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6 thoughts on “Laser Reiki Workshop Teaches Multiple Dimensional Healing

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  2. When will the next Laser Reiki training be held?
    What is the cost?
    Are there prerequisites, such as previous Reiki training?

    Thank you,

    ANSWER: The end of September there will be a 2-day Laser Reiki workshop to get you started!

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