“P” mentioned to Taylore,

“Learning to trust our angels and spirit guides is often difficult to do. If I understood correctly, you choose to not always follow their advice. For me, it is imperative to follow their guidance. 99.9% of the time they are absolutely right.”

Taylore comments: “We are always getting help — one way or another… Are we just rubber stamps of others?

Yes, Your life manager and higher self also talk to you as so do your angels — via any method a person will accept!

Remember that we (humans) are also powerful beings. We in the human body — are on the leading edge of reality. We jumped into this adventure to do something that has never been done before. And we are doing it! (what ever that is…) Hummmm? And along the way we can enjoy the trip into physical dimensions

We did not come here to “give our power away” or to become a “mini me” to an off world being. We are learning by our actions and making choices. Life on Earth is a great trip!

Does anyone else think that we should listen or do what the angels say? Or listen and do our own thing?

A Question About Following Our Angel’s Advice

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