DMSO Dimethylsulfoxide for Humans Recipes & Treatment – Prerelease – is the definitive DMSO book by author Herb “Roi” Richards, Ph.D, that so many people have been waiting so long for… and they’re still waiting. The book is not due for official release until later in the year, but we have a few copies of the long-awaited work in progress on hand for you, our special friends here at Top Seller Best Sellers, who want to take a peek at Roi’s labor of love.

Our promise to you: Even not fully edited or completed, this work puts invaluable recipes and treatment modalities using DMSO in the hands of those who are longing to see the magic of dimethyl sulfoxide at work, now.

Your promise to us: You understand that this is a work-in-progress prerelease. That means it’s like taking a look at this book while looking over Roi’s shoulder as he is writing the book in real time. You are willing to forgive grammatical errors and omissions in exchange for the ability to view the contents, as they are at this moment in the writing process.

We think you will be delighted by being able to have access to these DMSO recipes and treatments now, giving you the ability to put it to work right away.

You will be impressed at how matter-of-fact Roi is about putting all this information together without all the gobbledegook or technicalese that is found in other books, even though he does possess a Ph.D. in Natural Nutrition.

“I don’t have to prove to anybody how smart I am or not. But I feel overwhelmingly compelled to tell people how safe and easy it is to use DMSO.”

Not a believer in filler or hype, you won’t find any of that in Dr. Roi’s book.

Don’t believe me. Take a look for yourself and see if you don’t agree what this is probably going to be the best book that instantly puts the power of DMSO in the hands of laymen everywhere.

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DMSO Dimethylsulfoxide for Humans Recipes & Treatment

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