You can enjoy the power of long-distance healing from the masters at the Reiki Ranch.

For years, the Reiki Masters at the Reiki Ranch have been providing remote reiki energy healings for our friends, their friends, clints, loved ones, and pets of all kinds.

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Remote Distance Healing for You and Your Loved Ones

Non-invasive reiki allows the flow of universal God Source energy to be transmitted over time and space to a particular recipient. This intelligent flow of God Force energy goes directly to the spot of the source of the discomfort or dis-ease and administers healing to the point of origin.

Often neither the patient nor the practitioner know the source of the discomfort or dis-ease and this information is not necessary as the reiki energy does know and it automatically goes to just the right spot and goes to work there.

Distance Reiki healing is high-level energy work when flowed by a powerful Reiki Master, who in effect sends the energy to the recipient. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are, and the energy work is not limited to the current timeline, as it is not bound by time and space as we experience it.

Remote healing is just as effective as one-on-one in-person Reiki healing.

This works amazingly for patients who are restricted that may be located in a hospital room, in another geographic location or traveling abroad, or just prefer to receive the energy healing in the comfort of their own home.

Some of the remote energy healing scenarios we have been honored to administer include someone falling sick on vacation, at weddings, important events, on-site sports or work-related injuries, during childbirth, as well as providing a healthy, confident, and calm environment for any uncomfortable life circumstance, like testifying before a court, stage fright, fear of public speaking, presentations, interviews, PTSD or tests. Reiki energy can balance the energy of any tense or uncomfortable challenges you may face.

Your remote distance healing practitioner conducts a complete body scan of potential sources of pain or dis-ease and can facilitate the healing of present or past trauma which may be the catalyst for your current condition.

If you have a loved one suffering from unhappiness, chronic pain, injuries, disease, difficult life challenges, trauma, or abuse, a remote distance reiki healing might be the perfect high-level approach to achieving a sense of balance and wellness.

Remote Distance Session

You can also get reiki distance healing for your beloved pets and animals, including farm animals and racehorses.

You will be contacted to schedule the time of the Remote Healing and to discuss the problems you want to address. Tel. 360-748-4426


Reiki Remote Distance Healing

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