Haylee the Frenchie

by Taylore Vance

A Desperate Phone Call for a Reiki Healing Came in One Evening!

“Haylee, my Frenchie (French Bulldog) is having trouble breathing! Is there anything I can put on her to help her breathe?” asks the client.

I received this long distance phone call thru WhatsApp from a well known client from the country of Panama.

A Little Background on French Bulldogs

For dogs like the Frenchies and other animals with narrow nostrils, for example, they often have breathing problems. It’s easier to inhale and exhale through the mouth rather than the narrow nose passage, and then the owners get worried when this happens.

The Reiki Healing Story for the Frenchie

My client and family were doing some renovation of their bathrooms in their older Coronado Beach House about 60 miles up the International Highway from Panama City, and then, their 8 year old Frenchie started having breathing problems –  probably because of the dust. During all of the work in the beach home: the remodeling of the bathrooms, removing the old broken tiles and even taking down concrete block walls. All of this construction put lots of dust in the air! Poor Haylee.

You might not know this, but dogs with cute, squished faces are often mouth breathers.

Also, because French Bulldogs are small and compact, they are more easily affected by heat and breathing problems associated with their easy weight gain.


Can a Reiki Session Help a Dog with a Breathing Problem?


This particular Frenchie was experiencing various aspects of distress. When they have breathing problems, such as, making a wheezing sound, they gag on drool, vomit after eating or even go unconscious. They may also collapse after exercise. Add construction dust to their life, and their energy flow goes way down and their sickness comes out!




Some French Bulldogs have very large tongues and that can exacerbate the difficulties of breathing because of a narrow airspace in the back of the throat even when they are not health challenged.Frenchie large tongue

When I get a phone call for a remote energy healing, the first information I access is: “What is the amount of the life force energy flowing through the animal at this time.” How can I take an assessment of the animal’s life force energy levels from 2000 miles away? I use Kinesiology just like the chiropractors have been doing since the 1930’s. If you want to research this technology? Check out Author of “Power VS Force”, Dr. David Hawkins who spent thirty years doing thousands of double blind studies proving that the answers are infallible for those who are correctly trained in these methods!

When the Flow of Life Force Energy Is Low a Reiki Energy Healing is Needed!

Low energy means a serious sickness and their natural flow of the healing energy from Source must be restored in order for them to heal.  The energy flow in Halee’s lungs was a four out of a possible 10, on a scale of a 1 to 10. Her energy flow in her nose and sinus cavity was also a four. She had only a 40% flow of life force energy in both her lungs and her nose area. That is very low and it is life threatening. When the life force energy is blocked by 60% then practically no healing can take place. The Energy blockages and dark energy must be removed before healing can occur.

dark energy
dark energy might be blocking the Life Force

All of these changes (the needed uplifting of the dog’s energy) are easily done with Laser Reiki regardless of whether the client (person or animal) is standing in front of the healer or is halfway around the world. With the proper training, it takes very little effort to do the muscle-testing to figure out what’s going on with your animal. The actual sending of the healing energy is totally done by the Source of all Life! The Reiki Master has learned how to direct this intelligent Source Energy to do the healing!

I did a long distance Laser Reiki healing for the dog and her life force energy begin to immediately come up. You could do this procedure with traditional Usui Reiki and using a surrogate stuffed animal in order to direct the energy to your client.

It might take several Reiki sessions to bring the healing energy up to a 8 out of 10. In Laser Reiki it usually only takes one session because this energy comes in from a higher dimension and goes into the client’s energy body and then trickles into the physical body. In traditional Usui Reiki the energy flow comes in through the healer at the third dimensional level it goes directly into the physical body. This Reiki flow of energy will heal the body, but takes several sessions to remove the energy blockages from the Past, present and even the future. We usually get instant healings with this advanced higher frequncy of Reiki.

After a short period of time using LaserReiki.com (advanced energy healing technology) I again tested the Life Force Energy Flow of the dog and found that her energy was flowing at 80% which is perfect for an older dog.

Now, Haylee, whose energy blockages have been removed, is now free of past trauma and darkness and has her Life Force energy restored to a high frequency. And she was healed within hours.

I received a report the next day that Haylee was so much better: she was eating, playing and acting normally again! Bless her Heart!







Long Distance Reiki for Dogs

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