by Taylore Vance

We were noticing that our 2-year-old female Siamese cat was not acting normal. When Princess jumped from the floor to a chair she seemed to be uncoordinated. And then we noticed  her personality began to change where she was not as loving and as friendly as she usually is.

Since I am an energy healer, I started thinking that maybe she’s getting sick. So I took an assessment of her life force energy and found out that she was only flowing 30% — in other words, it was a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the perfect energy flow!). I tested  that her life force energy was low (flowing only a 30% flow) through muscle testing, also known as testing with kinesiology.

How to Test for the Health of Your Cat

This is how I test for the amount of Life Force Energy flow: “I say that I want to test how much life force energy is flowing through Princess at this moment in time.” Usually for a young healthy cat, her life force energy would check off at around an eight or more on a scale of 1 to 10.

energy healing for a cat
This is a very health Siamese female kitty

When a person or an animal does not have a high enough life force energy flow, then they are sick. If the flow is a 4 or below it is life threatening, and if not corrected, the being is not able to heal itself and starts the process of dying.

After testing Princess I found out that her life force energy flow was only a three out of 10. I knew immediately that princess was seriously sick. And since I am an energy healer, taking care of things like that is what I do best! I am also a Laser Reiki Master where I have immediate access to all energy blockages in the present, past and future! We, as Laser Reiki Masters,  have  the use of the highest dimensional energy direct from the Source of all Life to work with.  After the treatment she began to rapidly improve. Check out for articles on this advanced energy clearing technology.

Energy Healing of the Cat

My husband, Roi and I did multiple energy clearings of old emotional blockages and the cat’s life force connection began to rapidly increase, but still there was something dark  blocking her energy flow. We had to go to a higher level of Laser Reiki healing protocols.

During the 1/2 hour healing session that we did for Princess we also found out other things to clear which restored her perfect cat coordination. Today, Princess is very happy, well coordinated, and perfectly healthy. Her Life Force Energy flow is a perfect ten out of 10!

Reiki Energy Healing Raises Up the Frequency

We all need to raise up our vibrational frequencies in order  to be healthy, happy, and enjoy life even more. This goes for helping your pets, as well as, fo yourself and family to be healthy!  Enjoying health is to raise up the vibrational frequencies, to  heal, and have a better connection to the Source of all Life.

Pictures of Princess


Want to Practice Reiki Animal Remote Healing?

Reiki animal healing practice

In the second level of the traditional Usui Reiki training you lean how to send remote healings to animals, people, plants and even situations. Here as pictured above are stuffed animals, acting as a surrogate for sending the energy healing. Remember healers need to have permission from their clients, or as in the case of domestic animals, we need permission from their owners before sending the energy!

Reiki Animal Healing is sent all over the world and arrives instantly in real time, or at any time the sender chooses.




Energy Healing for Your Cat

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