By Taylore Vance

In South America there was a racehorse stallion who needed to win a few more races before he was retired to go out to pasture and to service a herd of 10 Thoroughbred broodmares.

TeddyBear2 was a pretty good winner, but lately he was not performing too good. He was losing races! The owner had his Vet check him out and couldn’t find any health problems at all.

My daughter, Yoli,  and I are energy healers. We had been traveling and visiting various countries in South America where we were in the last country of our trip and would be heading home within a week. In the hotel where we were staying we met some horse people who were talking about TeddyBear2 and wondering if a Reiki Treatment would help their horse start winning races again.

The horseracing society are mostly multi millionaires and they are very private about the horses and their business. And for this reason we are keeping the country and the true identity of this racehorse secret.

We were invited to come to the racetrack stables to take a look at TeddyBear2 and see if a Reiki Treatment would help him to clear energy blockages and win more races! The next day the owner had their chauffeur come by the hotel to pick us up and take us to the race track to do an energy healing on the horse.

As we approached the horse for a healing, my attention was drawn to his feet. I checked for the Life Force Energy Flow in Teddy’s feet. They were a low 3/10 on two front feet and a 4/10 on his hind feet. What do these numbers mean? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10/10 being perfect this horse’s feet had 60 and 70 percent of blocked energy!

energy clearing for horse hooves
Reiki energy clearing for horse hooves

Yoli was busy sending Reiki through her hands to the horse’s body while I was clearing some past life energy about his feet. I found out by talking to him that he had to run through a grass fire in a past life and that event damages his feet a little bit. I did a clearing on all of his past lives of anything having to do with his feet. Those bad energies of a past life were bleeding over into his ability to run faster in this life. Once those dark energies were cleared his Life Force Energy flow was reestablished and the numbers quickly rose up to an 8/10.

After Yoli and I returned home, we received word that TeddyBear2 was again winning his share of races. This was a very successful racehorse energy healing!

Reiki Healing for a Race Horse!

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2 thoughts on “Reiki Healing for a Race Horse!

    1. Yes, animals can have “past lives with energy blockages” just as well as people. Animals are sentient beings sent to earth to love humans and teach us about unconditional love. People who are mean to animals have been traumatize themselves. And this person is acting out their stuff on the poor animal.

      When we clear some of the animal’s past live stuff that are affecting this life, the animal feels the change and responds in a positive way.

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