Our friend, and Reiki Master Paris Humble, has released her book about how to use MMS titled, “Healthy Alternative Chlorine Dioxide Uses: Non-pharmacological Health Restoration.” In it, she explains how to reclaim your healthy life by using 2-part water purification drops, which her father notably discovered by accident. (See the book for the full story.)

Paris’ book focuses on the very same substance that Roi refers to in his book, Lyme Disease Non Medical Diagnosis and Treatment: How I Kicked Chronic Lyme disease in One Year for Pennies.

After years of health research and growing up in the house of chlorine dioxide, Paris, the daughter of Jim Humble, releases her contribution to the greater MMS community. She is often consulted in regard to the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide and how to use it for varying ailments that threaten the lifestyle (and sometimes the lives) of people battling for their health and healing.

In a clear and concise presentation, Paris tells the truth without being weighed down by responses to false information. Learn how to use these powerful water purification drops with Paris Humble’s common sense approaches disclosed in this volume, based on her lifetime of study in natural alternative healing and having first-hand exposure to her father’s work which was primarily focused on chlorine dioxide after discovering the hugely positive results reported by people who were experiencing greater health benefit than you would expect from a highly regarded water purification solution.

People report healthful success when they were not feeling results from their doctors and traditional medicine. Paris’ father eventually left the United States and became less accessible to the general population who could greatly benefit from the use of chlorine dioxide, about which not much is reliably known or reported.

An active participant and observer of the results reported by users and her own personal experience and witness, Ms. Humble releases this information in this work, so that others can benefit from her knowledge as well as information obtained over the years in the House of Humble.

In this volume, you will discover what chlorine dioxide really is, how to use it, what other complimentary elements work with it for maximum efficacy, and what ailments have the best track records in the use of it, as you may choose to apply these techniques to your own healing, your children, and/or your pets.

As the news gets out, more and more, you will find chlorine dioxide water purification drops added to emergency kits on a regular basis, and there is a section in Paris’ book which delineates how to use chlorine dioxide in case of emergency.

MMS is NOT a Cure for Anything


Chlorine Dioxide (or “MMS” as Paris’ father refers to it) is not a cure, and it never was. The myth that this substance can cure anything was propagated by a huge number of people who claim to have been healed of incurable diseases, and destructive health circumstances, and in some cases has led to dramatic life-saving results.

The results reported based on the personal testimonials of people who have used MMS have propagated the idea that this chemical has the properties to heal various maladies, which has spread like a viral urban legend. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Chlorine dioxide is well-known as the world’s most effective pathogen-killer. This is the truth.

Your body has all the ability to heal itself that any human being could ask for, but if your body is overrun by pathogens, toxins, viruses, parasites, or “bad bugs,” this greatly reduces your body’s ability to self-heal.

This is the brilliance of using chlorine dioxide to clean the human body from what may be blocking the body’s ability to heal. All the self-healing mechanisms are distracted by focusing and battling on the negatively-charged threats expanding and causing unseen deterioration deep within the body, so there is little left to reallocate to other threats to the human body, which may be more cognitively aware of the greater organism.

Just as chlorine dioxide is the best method of purifying water, it is also the best know method to rid the human body of these distracting bad bugs.

Once this is accomplished, the body is free to reallocate its natural healing abilities to the threats to the larger structure, and the change in this healing environment is massive and readily noticeable by anyone who has been in pain, discomfort or suffering from ongoing symptoms over time.

Thus, the body heals, and that is why sufferers refer to the miraculous recovery as healing, which they attributed to the substance, but the healing has nothing to do with the chemical used.

The credit due to chlorine dioxide is that of “pathogen killer,” which when introduced to the functioning human system, helps to make resources available to other areas of concern to the greater biological unit.

What to Expect

What Paris Humble has done is to put together the first simple how-to book on the use of chlorine dioxide (also called MMS) to help the human body rid itself of the common dis-eases of the day.

There are a few other books on the subject, but they are all written in story form rather than the how-to manner of this book.

Once you understand how to use the resources described in this book and how to monitor your health progress, you can find your particular problem and simply apply what you have learned and rid your body of the problem.

As Paris says, “Only you know what it currently feels like to be in your body,” with your current dis-ease.

Q: Does MMS cure anything?

A: No.

But it does help to clear the pathway to empower the body’s natural ability to heal by removing negatively-charged blockages of various forms.

This book will help you discover the best ways to do that based on anecdotal reports, life, and time. and research conducted by Paris Humble.

Author Paris Humble has been a frequent guest, here at the Reiki Ranch, and is available as a valuable resource to answer any legitimate questions you might have. You may respectfully comment below to receive a reply to your query regarding the uses of chlorine dioxide.


Healthy Alternative Chlorine Dioxide Uses Non-pharmacological Health Restoration

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