Author Herb “Roi” Richards tells his story about how he and his wife recovered from Lyme Disease in his book, Lyme Disease Non Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, How I Kicked Chronic Lyme disease in One Year for Pennies.

As you may have guessed, this accounting and declaration of healing from the incurable chronic Lyme disease will be met with great enthusiasm from longtime sufferers of Lyme disease and huge push-back from fans of traditional medical practice and Big Pharma.

In this brief undertaking, Roi discloses the truth about Lyme Disease and proactive steps that you can take to win the battle of this difficult to diagnose (and nearly impossible to cure with modern medicine) destroyer of one’s quality of life.

Within this short collection of writings, Richards presents some counter-intuitive data that may clash with popular medical information that may be readily available on the subject of Lyme disease, yet is based on both anecdotal reports of what has worked for him, his wife, and other sufferers of the disease as well as statistical data which causes one to question “official data,” and he includes alternative scientific information which is hard to find.

As the title suggests, this work is not intended for medical staff (as they would likely dismiss it based on its natural alternative and holistic approach) as much as it is for the victims of chronic Lyme who have battled the effects of the disease, and the constant barrage of symptoms which arise from attempting to treat the disease from a medically driven pharmacological approach.

Richards’ supporters claim that they have applied his methods to heal other chronic diseases that they have been diagnosed with but have found their situations to be inadequately treatable by modern medicine as symptoms grow, doctors have given up on any attempts to heal the incurable and only treat the most prevalent symptoms.

Richards says, “These people don’t know that they probably have Lyme disease.” According to him, Lyme disease is a very “smart bug” that finds various places in the body to set up shop, causing a variety of symptoms that are misdiagnosed as any number of different diseases based on the observance and review of traditionally-trained medical staff.

Who can blame them? After all, you only know what you know.

These two camps, those who serve the medical schools (and the pharmaceuticals who control and educate them) and the alternative holistic healing communities, are on opposing ends of the spectrum when addressing the nature of Lyme disease, so prepare yourself for a quick read that may vary widely from the research you may have done to date.

Without an open mind, Roi’s book may sound like hocus pocus, but for those who have ventured out to try this inexpensive method of testing for Lyme disease, they have achieved incredible results.

Roi and wife, Taylore Vance, have developed a Lyme disease alternative course designed for medical professionals who would like to learn more about these alternative healing approaches that have helped so many who would otherwise be suffering from chronic Lyme disease.

Here is the free introductory webinar featuring Roi and Taylore regarding their Lyme disease course:

Roi is a Reiki Master at the Reiki Ranch, and has attuned thousands of Reiki Masters following his recovery from Lyme disease.

Feel free to place your respectful comments below, and there is a very good chance that Roi will be available to answer your questions here.


Lyme Disease Non Medical Diagnosis and Treatment How I Kicked Chronic Lyme disease in One Year for Pennies

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