You are invited to the Ionic Tesla Terahertz event at the

Reiki Ranch

Sunday, August 21, 2022

from 12:00 Noon to 4:30 p.m.

Expert researchers and scientists will reveal new natural healing technologies that are simple and effective and utilize different natural elements and modalities. They will focus around, but not limited to, these three:

  • Negative Ions
  • Tesla Frequencies
  • Terahertz Technologies

Negative Ions

The biggest problem in the world today is that we are bombarded by positive ions emanating from the technology that surrounds us from radio, TV, microwave, cell phones, wireless and other emerging technologies and our human condition deteriorates from being relentlessly under the attack of these harmful radiations.

Negative ions occur naturally in nature and can combat the onslaught of positive ions that are weakening our physiology. The same energy that is produced from electrical storms, waterfalls, and the ocean can be harnessed to neutralize the effects of the toxic ion environment that terrorize our normal healthy state.

Tesla Frequencies

The master of frequencies, Nikola Tesla, demystified the various frequencies which surround os every day, and determined that some of these frequency vibrations can be hugely beneficial to the human body. He discovered what he called the purple frequencies, especially the 432 Hz frequency, to be the most human biological healing frequency which has been all but eliminated from our everyday life.

Learn how to harness Tesla’s purple life frequencies and apply them to your body, when and where you need them on command.

Terahertz Technologies

Research scientists from MIT and NASA are all uncovering the power of the high vibration of Terahertz frequencies in enhancing communications and for use in imaging and healthcare. Unlike other forms of powerful frequencies, terahertz frequencies harmonize exactly and the same vibratory state of human physiology and water.

This groundbreaking research will revolutionize medical and communications technologies due to its transparent efficacy and radiation from the Terahertz range of frequencies seamlessly passes through all cells, flesh, blood, bones, and brain chemistry without harm.

See how you can use Terahertz technologies to reverse damage and deterioration that might be causing you to age prematurely.

August 21, 2022

The Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, Washington

 12:00 Noon to 4:30 p.m.

Admission $10.00

Limited Seating / Attendance

Must purchase tickets in advance

Register and reserve your spot online. Sorry, seats are limited and filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Get yours today as time is running out.



August 21, 2022 Ionic Tesla Terahertz Event

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