Becoming a Reiki Master requires commitment to yourself and the expansion of your life.

You might be wondering what it would be like to become a Reiki Master? You may have thought, “I want to become a Reiki Master!” You might have a great love for helping other people, and Reiki is a great tool to perform this service. You may have had a Reiki energy healing session where you felt deeply touched? Did you experience a great feeling of peace, love, joy, and tranquility?

To become a Reiki Master
To become a Reiki Master

We teach the Usui System of becoming a Reiki Master. Becoming a Master is the highest level of attainment where you can be a channel for this Source energy to flow through you to help your body, mind, and soul going through you on to helping others. Becoming aligned with Source energy not only helps you but as your light increases, it helps the whole world.

You might consider being a Reiki Master as some kind of a job, but it is not a job. It is more like embracing your natural essence of being a human.  Hu-man is what we all are. HU is the an ancient name of God. So, in essence, we are all God men and God women. We just have not been taught how to embrace these higher abilities. By taking this workshop, you will be embracing a greater life and self-discovery as well as a higher development.

Although you can become a Reiki Master in just one weekend, it is the beginning of your unfoldment into a bigger life mission and day by day you will grow more and more into the role of being the master. You might consider it has planted and is nurturing a seed within you that will ripen into a cosmic being one day.

To become a Reiki Master there are things to consider:

  1. What is your motivation for taking this step?
  2. You know that this action would elevate an individual’s consciousness into a new concept of himself/herself concerning their ever expanding life?
  3. The attainment of Mastership is an inevitable accomplishment for each human being.
  4. Your life would grow bigger and expand into territories beyond this reality.
Peace, calmness and love
Peace, calmness and love

What is the practice of becoming a “master”?

You are stepping aside with your “little self” and allowing Reiki to work its magic to elevate yourself and others. Are you willing to expand into the knowingness and guidance that comes with being a Reiki Master? We are not healing others using our own power, our energy and not even our own knowledge. We are allowing the Life Force Energy to do the heavy lifting, to heal, to restore the correct frequency in the body, to bring in more light, health and well-being.

When You begin your practice of being a Reiki Master you will notice that people will find you without the need to advertise. They will be drawn to you because Reiki is the energy of life and people need this in their lives. Becoming a Reiki Master is a commitment that you will make to yourself to become the best healer that you can be. You will be made more aware of life going on around you, and you will become bored with the petty bickering that you hear from others because you have your mission set on to a higher goal.

Is this the right time for you? If you feel this is it, then step up, and become a Reiki Master.  There is no better time than right now to sign up, take a course, and let even more of the God energy flow through you to help others, your pets, and your plants.

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You can become a Reiki Master

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  1. I want to take this, what dates are available?

    ANSWER: Next dates are Oct 22 for free Reiki — and October 22-23 for Reiki Master

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