Native American United Nations Speaker Discovers Reiki 

First, a little bit about Rudy. Mr. James is the lead judge of the Kuiu Kwaan nation in Southern Alaska, Secretary General of the United Indigenous Nations, a worldwide organization, and author of Native American Civil Rights. James was passing through Washington state when he called Taylore and Roi on the phone and ask if he could stay a few days at the Reiki Ranch while resting and getting help to publish his book: Native American Civil Rights.

Rudy James Native American United Nations Speaker Discovers Reiki Large
Rudy James Native American United Nations Speaker Discovers Reiki Large

During his stay at the Reiki Ranch, there was scheduled a Reiki master training. Rudy was recovering from a slight stroke and we thought it would be beneficial for him to take an energy healing course at the ranch since he was here already and the class was scheduled for that weekend.

With Reiki Energy Healing you can Learn how to help your family, friends, clients, plants and animals! (with the plants and animals …no placebo effect possible!) Yes, according to the many students, you can easily learn these techniques!

  1. It is Energy Medicine at its highest level with no side effects.
  2. Saves years of traditional work and money.
  3. Use Source Energy! Quickly releasing deep muscle pains, back pains and headaches!
  4. The healing energy comes directly from God. The healer does not use his/her own energy.
  5. The healer becomes the pipe the energy flows through.
  6. Become more attractive with an energy clearing… You will glow with an inner beauty by releasing negative thought energy. Others will notice this.
  7. Everybody will want to be with you when you are more energetic and lighter. They will see the Light coming out of your eyes as sparkles!
  8. Find happiness and more reasons for living (A direct connection to Source Energy makes you feel better and you also radiate this loving energy out to others!)

Who is Rudy James? James Is the author of a book called: Native American Civil Rights, Indian exemptions and entrepreneurship. James says, “Read the law and discover the benefits that are endowed to the indigenous Americans. Many sovereign rights belong to American Indians; and many tribal nations are unaware of the rights and power that they had been imbued with by the United States of America and United Nations.”

Author Rudy James reveals the Legal secrets that not only benefit all the tribal nations, but could positively impact millions of other Americans who have some native American heritage. James is the first and oldest Raven, spokesman for the Kuiu Kwaan counsel. He is also a member of the board of governors on the international human rights Association of American Minorities.  James is a visiting judge for many Indigenous Nations; he also has authority to appoint judges at the tribal courts.

He helps local tribes solve their problems with the county and nearby cities where they might have a situation. If he cannot solve the problem at the local level, he will go to the state level to help his people with their civil rights issues. If he cannot solve the problem at the state level he knows the correct procedure to take the situation to the federal level to solve the problem there. And finally if they cannot solve the problem at the United States federal level, he knows how to take it to the world court and he knows how to present the legal facts in such a way that the rule of law prevails. James has also presented legal cases to the United Nations.

James describes the healing course as teaching him how to think in another way. He really liked learning how to think in a way that helps heal the body. One important point that Rudy found interesting is there are forces beyond the regular human forces that could be used to heal the body which goes right along with his native American and Christian beliefs.

Author Rudy James shares his Reiki Master training experience at the Reiki Ranch in Chehalis, Washington.

Watch his short YouTube testimonial here:

Native American United Nations Speaker Discovers Reiki

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