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6 thoughts on “Reiki Ranch Weekend

  1. Hello,
    My name is Sue Neufeld-Ellis. I am an Usui Level 1 & 2 since 1992.
    I have been a Master since 1997. I practiced a lot, but not since 2001,
    although we always carry the energy. I would like to talk to you, on the phone,
    as to how I could refresh my intention and come down to spend some time at you ranch. my husband, Jerry, is also a Level 1. I am also a LMHC-CSAT-RN and mostly retired and travel with my husband. One of our many stories is that we volunteered in Kathmandu, Nepal for 4 months where I did nothing but Reiki for
    8 hrs. a day, 4 days a week on Leper patients and the poor.
    Anyway, would love to talk further for next steps.
    Your voice mail box is currently full.

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