Reiki treatment for elderlyReiki Energy Healing Treatments for the Elderly and Baby Boomers. After treatments become young again.


The Reiki health benefits in the elderly include the following:

• Provides support for substance abuse
• Enhances intuition and self-awareness
• Improves self-esteem
• Improves digestion
• Improves sleep
• Aids in relaxation
• Lessens anxiety
• Improves depression
• Releases tension and stress
• Enhances mental clarity
• Aids in pain management
• Promotes wellbeing and health
• Reduce the need for painkillers

Reiki can bring about calm and peacefulness to an elderly person’s life—a life that is sometimes impaired with frequent doctor’s visits, foggy memory, physical disability, and pain. These are challenges that can have an extremely disruptive effect on the flow of life force energy in the older adult and, if not treated with Reiki, can make illnesses worse.

Reiki helps to bring about the positive energy flow that improves the well-being and health in the elderly person. There is nothing like a Reiki trained dog to help you along!

Reiki Energy Treatments for the Elderly

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