The regular price for this 1 day seminar is $120 if held in metropolitan locations. Through a special arrangement with the Reiki Ranch and our friends at Leading Edge University we are able to offer this event at the Reiki Ranch at a special discounted price:


Who Should Attend?

Singles in search of true love and/or their soulmate

Individuals who want to increase the quality of all their relationships

Couples with the desire to invite true love into their relationship

Anyone who wants to set their relationship on fire

Rather than rekindle a disintegrating romance these tools, tips and techniques will totally dismantle all your previous misconceptions about love and empower you to embrace a whole new paradigm of true love, if you dare.

Can’t make it to the Awakening to the True Love Workshop on February 11th?

Or did you wait until all the seats were sold out?

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Call (360) 748-4426, or email [email protected] to reserve your spot today. Seating for this event is limited.

“Awakening to True Love is one of the most influential seminars I’ve attended. I recommend it to all of my girl friends and I think every guy should attend it as well. Inspired by the author of The Four Agreements…very good read but I liked Mastery of Love more b/c as a girl that has grown up in a (pleasantly) divorced family, I am a skeptic of love and it’s hard for me to open up.
The material starts off discussing love on a conceptual level but then turns into more of How To… which is the part I enjoyed the most in Masters and Freels workshop.
It very simply explains that all you need to do is love yourself first and all things will fall into place.
This is sometimes a very hard concept for women- since many are taught at a young age to always put people’s needs ahead of their own. They end up letting themselves go and resent their family for not appreciating all the energy and effort they put into the family- when in reality that was never asked of them. I think this is where many marriages fall apart. You can’t make anyone but yourself happy. Period. Everyone has there issues…don’t waste your energy trying to fix theirs- just accept and love them for who they are…and hopefully you will have surrounded yourself with people that are aware of this as well and work towards self improvement everyday. I highly recomment this workshop!”

Here’s more on the Awakening to True Love Workshop…

Ever wonder why your relationships just don’t work out right?

In the beginning, you feel as though you’ve met your one true love and it’s not long before this magnificent love dream come true devolves into your worst nightmare.

Top 10 Reasons Relationships Fail

Desperate to save your precious dream, you explore all the challenges that caused your relationship to be compromised or fail. Therapeutic intervention dissects your relationship and all its flaws such as

  1. basic compatibility
  2. communication styles
  3. disinterest
  4. abuse
  5. lack of trust
  6. betrayal
  7. unmet expectations
  8. unfulfilled obligations
  9. money issues
  10. infidelity

These top 10 reasons that relationships fail are not why relationships fail, nor are any of the other so-called reasons; they are only treated as symptoms, while the underlying toxic disease continues to spread – not only in your relationship – but most relationships in the world.

The real reason why relationships fail is due to the spread of this dangerous disease which spreads like a viral wildfire. This toxin, left to itself will destroy and break down every love relationship we’re involved in, not just out romantic relationships. This viral disease leads to the failure and destruction of all kinds of relationships, including a significant other, family, mom, dad, brother, sister, children, coworkers, bosses and platonic friends.

All our relationships are at risk of being infected by this deadly disease, which is the real root cause of the death of any relationship.

The Truth: Why Relationships Fail

You might be surprised to discover there is only one reason that relationships fail. If you’re fervently seeking to find true love, you will never find it if you are infected with the toxic disease.

Wonder what the toxin is that will thwart any relationship you have and cause it to fall to pieces, no matter how you try to save it?

The name of the disease is


Yes, “love;” the definition of it, the concept of it and everything you believe about it, love is the disease.

What if

Everything You Know About Love is Wrong?

You’ve been infected with the toxin which has spread more and more with every interaction you’ve had with other relationships as far back as you can remember (and before).

Your parents, society, the media and Disney have planted and spread the disease so pervasively that you couldn’t recognize true love if you saw it.


Join us for the

Awakening to True Love Workshop

Where in this all day event, you will learn what love really is, how to have it, get it and keep it without fear.

Awakening to True Love Workshop
to be held soon
10:00 am -to- 6:00 pm
Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, Washington

Drawing from ancient Toltec wisdom, don Miguel Ruiz’s work, The Mastery of Love, other texts and new thought, Leading Edge University in cooperation with the Reiki Ranch are bringing this 1 day love, romance and relationship seminar which will change the way you love and look at all your relationships.

Following this event, you can choose whether to practice




Eliminate the poison that spreads the highly contagious disease of toxic love that promotes possessiveness, jealousy, envy, suspicion, bitterness, dishonesty, controlling, abuse, judging others and yourself.

Instead, you will learn to love unconditionally and have true love in your intimate relationships amidst a society dominated by the disease of love.

You will find the source of the power of true love emanates from within your heart and does not come from outside yourself. Thinking that love comes from anywhere else is the lie that germinates the disease of toxic love’s seeds.

In this 1 day event you will

  • Learn to forgive and love yourself as you learn about and eradicate the poisonous disease of toxic love.
  • Discover your inner strengths and realize the opinion of others, criticisms or expectations have no effect on or power over you.
  • Eliminate the risk of betrayal as true love’s trust cannot be broken.
  • Get to know you, who you are and who you were in your youth prior to the installation of this toxic, deceitful and manipulative viral software.
  • Get in touch with your inner beauty and purity as you share your true love for another with your newfound peace and serenity from within.

Your true love accepts others just the way they are; without criticism, opinions, or judgment.

Awakening to true love in self-awareness, self-love and self-forgiveness empower you to accept yourself, love your reflection in the mirror, loving in your relationships whether they be with your spouse, friends or relatives but most of all learning to love yourself regardless of what anybody else thinks or says.

Meet Your Event Hosts

Sherry Lynn Marie

Author of Love Letters from the Lighthouse and Reiki Ranch alumni, Sherry Lynn Marie presents the keys to mastering authentic love in contrast to the love you’ve believed in, in the past in this groundbreaking Awakening to True Love Workshop based on ancient Toltec writings, February 11th in cooperation with the Leading Edge University, hosted at the Reiki Ranch school.

Inspired by the life and works of Mother Teresa, this former Catholic school girl, relationship coach, domestic violence counselor, reiki master and empty nester, Sherry Lynn Marie raised 4 children. She was born at Kincheloe Air Force Base, Michigan, raised in California where she lived at the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, now enjoys her residency in the pristine Pacific Northwest’s Willamette Valley, where she enjoys nature and expressing herself in song.

Learn to love, fulfill your life’s destiny, achieve your dreams and fulfillment. Anything is possible with the right tools and guidance.

  = David M. Masters

Coach, consultant and author of Live a Better Life, Your Best Life, David M. Masters, presents the distinct contrast between the lackluster love we’ve been programmed by society to accept and the higher calling of unconditional love which can transform all your relationships including romantic and otherwise in the Awakening to True Love Workshop, Feb. 11th, in Chehalis, Washington.

Former minister, educator, entrepreneur, public speaker, and business consultant, David M Masters has helped many people improve their lives financially, physically, personally, spiritually and professionally. Following the loss of a son in Afghanistan, and subsequently, his family, Masters took a sabbatical to reconnect with his Higher Source as he continues to live out his life’s purpose, sharing his message and helping others to achieve their highest and best and make the world a better place.

Masters’ Awakening to True Love Workshop will rock your romantic world and set all your relationships ablaze with new found freedom and authenticity.

Learn how to love yourself and by extension everyone and everything else that is out there in our universe.

Awakening to True Love Workshop

Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, Washington

Call (360) 748-4426, or email [email protected] to reserve your spot today. Seating for this event is limited.

* All ticket sales final. No refunds or exchanges.

Awakening to True Love Workshop

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