How would you like to uplift your life?

(How to live a happier and  more peaceful life just by learning Reiki  / taking a Reiki training class or getting a Reiki healing session?)

The Universe conspires with you to bring your wishes and dreams into your life. This student in the video is from Portland, Oregon, and she was offered a job in Centralia, Washington.

In order to check out her new job Vicki visited Centralia as well as checked it out on the Internet. She had always been interested in  learning Reiki, so in being a good researcher she Googled  for Reiki in this area of Washington. She found the Reiki Ranch listed and checked us out at  the website and was very pleased to find that we were getting a Reiki one training in a few weeks.


The ranch is located in Lewis county, south of Olympia and a little west of Chehalis in beautiful mountainous range boarding cow pastures, organic arms, creeks and the Chehalis river. The Reiki Ranch is a 22 acre tree farm which backs up to forest land and is bordered on each side by small spring-fed creeks. There are hiking trails all over the property so when you come out to visit bring your hiking boots.

A few Written testimonial we received:

 This was an energy healing for Kayla who came up from Portland, OR, to the Reiki Ranch for a Laser Reiki Session.
Hello Taylore!
Thank you so much for today and for offering such an incredible experience to the community.
I got so much out of today’s session. The tears started almost immediately and I was not expecting that at all! It’s just amazing what can happen when we really sit with what’s going on for us without trying to push it away (as is so often the case).
I experienced a sense of ease and expansion that really helped my body shift physically in a way that felt freeing.
I really enjoyed working through my sense of responsibility that I’ve felt for my family since I was a child. Wow, was it so powerful to sit there with you today and choose to give my family and their care to Source Energy and to just let that go and be what it is without holding on so tight like I’m used to.
And working on letting my confidence shine and freeing my truth to the world while acknowledging that people may choose to see it or not—and it doesn’t mean I’m not still living my truth—was so incredibly helpful. I’ve been holding on to a lot of fear around that, so thank you so much for helping me clear that.
I’m so happy to have crossed paths with you and I’m so grateful that you and Roi are out there in the world, doing this amazing and very needed work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   -Kayla from Portland

Able to have a better life since a Reiki attunement:

This is Ingrid X_____. (from Seattle)  I met you the Sunday before last when Maia, Melissa and I visited Reiki Ranch.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your hospitality and for the magical day I had. (Thank you, Universe for even MORE magical moments at Reiki Ranch!) 🙂

Turns out that I manifested several things that day including my wish to pick/eat organic blueberries from the bushes at the Reiki Ranch!

I am also grateful for your How to Attract Wealth manual. It’s interesting how the same material presents itself in different ways over the years, but your words came at a time I am hearing them more clearly. I’m almost through the manual the first time and will continue to study it. 

I’m in the process of coming back to the ranch for the Laser Reiki training and would like to know the dates you have planned for fall or spring and what type of options in work/trade I may be able to arrange. I really enjoyed being out in the gardens and would be happy to help in any way I can.  I’m asking my Life Manager for assistance in helping this all work out with ease.  Maybe I can take Amtrak to Centralia.  Anyway, I’m certain it will all unfold in the best way.

I’m absolutely certain that Laser Reiki is the next step for me and am open to the process of allowing it to come into my life.
(As you can see, I’m focused on my “self-talk” and how I speak about things to others, thank you again for the reminders.)
I’ve been through many learning experiences the last several years, especially while care giving for mama and after she and my sister both left the earth plane. Meeting both of you felt like reconnecting with family. Thank you both for all the work you do.  My life has been changed forever since my Reiki Attunements thanks to Maia and both of you.  
I know I will be seeing you again soon.  
Have a wonderful day!  Ingrid

Other Reiki testimonials

**  Hilda Kumpf Pinn “I enjoyed taking this class from you at your wonderful place. Liked receiving the manual and my Reiki Master certification and can highly recommend you

** Heidi Hooper  “Thank you so much sweet Taylore Vance (Reiki Ranch) and teachers for the awesome masters experience and welcoming me with open loving arms. I can’t wait to start Laser Reiki training with the new Reiki family members from many life times.

** Joseph Gardinier Hey Blaine Lewis Perry! I guess on one hand you are right in your thinking (that Reiki should be free) yet on the other hand it may help to have a teacher guide you in becoming the best you can be in this amazing field. Not every human has a quick mind like you and I am sure others would line up for a Reiki session with you once you shared your beliefs with them in how you became the one!
It’s not about the Certification Reiki paper but this class is well worth the time and effort to stepping out and meeting new and wonderful humans of the same mindset and values.
Reiki can be learned online and yes POOF you are what ever you believe yourself to be.
Namaste bro

***  Taylore Vance These people have all had the Reiki 1 attunement and their connection to Source energy flow was increased by 20%! Think how much more powerful you personally will be!  Sign up for a Reiki Class!

Reiki Ranch Class
This is a typical Reiki one class at the

Sarah M. Gregg   July 22 ·I will be in Olympia again late October! I highly recommend this Reiki course! it will change your perspective! I would go if I could but somebody has to live in Texas.

Keri Roudebush Basler  Thank you Thank you Thank you. I have been trying to find a place to study but so expensive and don’t want to learn online! I could so give you the biggest HUG right now!!!!! No, I am sending you the biggest loving HUG right now!!!

 Stephanie Gilfillan I just showed up with my friend Lisa. While pre-registration is likely very much appreciated, they’ve got ways of determining approximately how many people will show up. (Yes, they use muscle testing — which is pretty accurate!)


From a happy student “I went to last month’s Reiki workshop and I can whole-heartedly say that Reiki has completely changed my life! Thanks Reiki Ranch!

I have had chronic back pain for going on ten years now, after more than my fair share of car accidents. After Taylore worked on me, my back pain went away completely and immediately.

That weekend was my first pain-free weekend in years!

After I went home, the pain would keep creeping back but would go away as soon as I Reiki’d myself. My back even went out on me after I worked too hard, something that happens regularly, and with the help of Reiki, I healed in only 3 days when it would normally take at least a week or more! Since then, I rarely feel pain. If I do, I lay my hands on myself and it goes away. I feel so good! And the best part is that I can help others in my life with this gift! I Reiki my friends and family all the time, whether they are standing next to me or live on another continent. Everyone is amazed at the energy they feel and at how quickly their pain dissipates! Besides all of the healing, I gained tremendous insights that weekend that I’ve been able to apply to my life.

The synchronicities in my life have skyrocketed, and the speed at which I manifest what I need is damn near instantaneous these days.  I cannot recommend the Reiki Ranch enough.
♥️ Taylore and Roi are amazing teachers!


Video Testimonial of a Reiki Student

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