Do you feel that you are being blocked or limited in some way? Is Fear of success slowing you down. Are you bothered with fear of failure?

Do you desire more success or money in your business?

Have you reached a plateau or a ceiling and no matter what you do it doesn’t seem to improve or grow?

We can help you be free.

Here are some blockages we’ve found: Dogmas, blueprints of your parents and even “contra intentions” as Joe Vitale calls them, that stop your forward progress until they are eliminated. We can test for each of the blockages, and defrag them just like eliminating a junk software program on you computer.

First we measure the several set points:

  1. What is the level of your “deservingness“? In other words, how much success will your subconscious mind allow you before it reaches a limit of not being willing to allow you to accept any more support from the universe.
  2. Some people are a 3 out of 10 in allowing the success to come in   — they are only able receive 30% of what’s available to them. The question is: Where are you vibrating at now?
  3. If (at some inner level) your subconscious mind thinks that you do not deserve 100% of all the love, support and money that is available from the universe, then you will be blocked and not receive your abundance. No matter what you do you cannot pass that mark. (Until that program is erased by an energy healing.)

Roi and I can help anyone achieve even more success and wellness. It is a simple process for us since we have been working toward this goal since 1994 for ourselves and others.

We actually teach this energy healing method in our Reiki Ranch School — Laser Reiki workshops. And we also do it for others via the telephone long distance assessments and energy healings.

There are Dogmas that limit you! 1) You might have taken a vow of poverty in a past life and it is still active and running in the background of today’s life. 2) As a rich person in another life, something bad might have happened and you judged it unsafe to be rich. Maybe your child was kidnapped for ransom? 3) Some people have heard sayings as a small child and live today as if it was still true in their adult lives. Some sayings are: “Money doesn’t grow on trees, money is the root of all evil, we don’t have money for that, money is hard to get, you have to work hard for money, we’re just poor people, we’re not rich people, we’re not that kind of people to shop in a affluent neighborhood store, don’t talk to strangers, people are out to get you, don’t trust others, they’re all after your money”, etc. The need, the habit and the “feeling” of dogmas can be erased by a Laser Reiki treatment and reprogrammed for even more success.

A blueprint for earning power established by your parents is also another invisible line drawn in your consciousness. Can you safely pass that ceiling on your earning power set by your parents? No! Not unless it is removed, reprogrammed, etc.

At the subconscious level do you feel deserving of wealth, do you feel good enough for success, do you “like yourself” being very successful,  do you “love yourself”100%, do you have fear of success, do you have fear of failure, do you “approve of yourself” with $10,000 a month income, $25,000 a month income, or $50,000 a month income? Do you have a gut feeling that you have a limitation? Have you had a sinking feeling when someone mentions earning $10,000 per month, $25,000 per month, etc? The reason I ask is …because we almost all have emotion al blockages in these above areas. The blockages limit how much good we can receive. Would you feel stronger if such limitations and negative programs were deleted from your consciousness?

NOTE: Some people have both fear of success and fear of failure at the same time…

Your limitations (energy blockages) can be measured by Roi and myself on a scale of 1 to 10 or 1 to 100. That way your ability to receive abundance, wealth, health, and prosperity from the universe and others can be opened and when that is done — you will know the difference and see your business grow. Your life is allowed to expand; expansion is a great feeling!

Do you want us to test you or your business for limits and blockages?

We will do a free energy assessment to see where there are blockages.

Just call for an appointment for a free screening.  Tel. 360-748-4426


“If you do nothing, nothing is going to happen, if you do something, somthing might happen.  The Future is yours, do something about it!”  Raymon Grace

Will Energy Healing Help Fear of Failure or Fear of success?

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