Roi_IMG_0247.JPGGetting What You Want in Life!  In a practical spiritual way…

By Roi Richards

What if you had a 24 hour per day helper whose only job is to bring you anything physical, spiritual or mental that you desire without judgment?

Surprise! You already have one. It’s a division of your built-in subconscious mind that has been a part of you since before you were born, though you may not have ever been told. This is not your higher self, spirit guide, angel, or anything separate from you.

It is part of you, unique to your body/mind called: Your Life Manager. Okay, so now that you know you have a helper — what’s next?

Your subconscious mind is expansive.
Your subconscious mind is expansive.

All this time, your Life Manager has been helping you by using your self-talk, your mind chatter, the cliques you use when you talk to others, your random fears, and joys as its orders. If you don’t give it direct orders it uses the input it has available .Review your self-talk for 24 hours and you can easily see why your life is the way that it is. Good two-way communications with your life manager can completely turn your life around so you can accomplish your real desires.

Your life manager has only two main quirks: 1) It monitors where your attention goes. It finds anything or anyone you put your attention on with emotion and starts you both on a journey to meet. 2) It doesn’t notice or understand: “no, I don’t want, …I’ll never…”. Neither does it recognize any other way of expressing or thinking about the things you don’t want. Did that sink in? Any expression of what you don’t want will pull it to you. The more emotion you put into your “I don’t want …,” the quicker it will arrive in your life. Now, do you see why your friend who constantly expresses how much he/she doesn’t want a relationship like the one he/she just had, ends up with one just as bad or worse?

Ok, so how can you have a real two-way conversation with your life manager? So far the various methods of muscle testing are the best. Next best is using a pendulum.

  • First, you write out exactly what you want and for what purpose, being careful to write nothing about what you don’t want.
  • Second, you read your final version to your Life Manager

One example to create general affluence could go something like this: “Thank you, Life Manager, for constantly bringing me even more money to do great things!” Another mini-quirk cautions that if you come from lack you’ll get more lack. Come from abundance and you’ll get more abundance. Say, you found a penny on the street and that was all the money you had, how could you not come from lack? Yes, you might feel broke. The above example covers that with the phrase “even more”. With that penny you are not broke – you have something in your pocket. You just desire a constant supply of even more money. You have also shown gratitude for your life manager’s efforts on your behalf with your thank you.

Listen carefully. The words you use are important!

Continuing the thought, by saying even more money, you are not coming from being flat broke – you have something already and you are asking for more of it to be constantly added.

We all have something to be grateful for – even it if is only a penny! (Gratitude brings more things to be grateful for!)

I’ve used money as an illustration simply because that’s the easiest thing to acquire. After all it is simply made up of coupons representing stored God energy. Its’ only purpose is to make it easier to trade for stuff you want. Some people think that money isn’t spiritual. If you think stored God energy is not spiritual go back to building your own car, davenport, table, and chair and you won’t need any coupons.

Get inventive.

Figure out the wording necessary to order any thing or situation you desire from your Life Manager.

After you make that order all the other peoples’ life managers work with yours to start you and the object, person or circumstance on a journey to meet. You see: all life managers in the world are in constant contact like a very efficient Internet. They work together to fulfill your orders.


I’m mechanically minded and I like tools. For the past few years when I go into the home improvement stores, I’ve noticed a particular sliding miter power saw that I like. The new ones cost well over $600. I’d say to myself. “I’d really like to have one of those sometime.” It wasn’t worth that many coupons to me at the moment, so I’d walk away. I seldom stop at yard sales, but the other day I turned around to go back to one. There was one of those power saws in good shape for only $60. Imagine what had to happen behind the scenes to bring me and that saw together! The saw is now in my shop and I thanked my Life Manager for helping me meet my toy.

If you have problems with your two-way communication, we will show you how simple it is to communicate with your life manager by giving you lots of practice in our next Laser Reiki 4-day class at the Reiki Ranch near Chehalis, WA. Multiple energy healings occur as each technique is learned and practiced by the group.

When you take a workshop at the Reiki Ranch Your life changes for the better! You start getting even more of what you want — instead of getting a hit and miss type life.

Roi Richards, along with his partner Taylore Vance, have been teaching these constantly evolving methods since 1994 after re-discovering the hidden side of Reiki in 1990. Call 360-748-4426 to register for the next event. Email to register at [email protected].

Website: Any returning Laser Reiki student can update their skills in a 5.5 day workshop.

Use energy healing for problems! It works – effortlessly!

Getting what you want in life –Using the “Life Manager”!

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4 thoughts on “Getting what you want in life –Using the “Life Manager”!

  1. Many are already waking up to Vibrational medicine! Who Else Wants to Learn the Long-Forgotten Secrets of Reiki Healing to Finally Experience True Freedom from Disease and Sickness?

    It is all vibrational frequency — health and wealth is high vibration! Sickness and depression is low vibration frequency!

    You learn to change your vibrational frequency… It is that simple!

    They are hiding the truth about Reiki healing! and Laser Reiki is 10X faster working and more thorough. Words won’t express the difference you’ll feel after a 4-day workshop!

  2. Sounds great. Wish I was closer. I will take the master/ teacher training early next year. Looking forward to it. My practice is mainly on me and my cats (fur children). I have tried distant healing but I need to do it more. I find it harder to do. To focuss.

  3. Dear Mary,

    Thanks for sharing your comments with us. When you really want to take a Reiki course your Inner Master will open the door for you and there will be a space and time provided.

    You just need to make a plan and the Universe will support you!
    The Universe will yield anything and everything to you when you decide where you want to go…

    We hope you will journey soon to the Reiki Ranch and play with us.

    Roi and Taylore

  4. I was wondering when you will have a Reiki weekend course open?

    Answer: We provide FREE Reiki 1 Certification classes every month or two.

    Jus email us your name. address, phone number and we’ll put your name on a list to receive notices for new classes.

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