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What’s this Energy Healing all about?
How can it help me?
What if you were born with a nice package of professional software in your mind (computer) that would make your life a lot more easy, but nobody ever thought to mention this secret, magical, wizard like tool to you? We cannot learn this at government schools.
The Energy Healing modality called Reiki requires an activation of your software already present in your brain/mind space. This activation process gives you a much closer connection to your higher self — which is pure joy and happiness.

They say, “Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure helps in the journey in looking for it!” People buy things because they think the latest conquest, newest car, new electronic toy, date with an attractive man/woman, etc. will bring happiness. And it will — but only for a short time. Then the quest for outer happiness starts all over again…

Really, we are looking for that inner happiness – our connection with Source!
Roi and Taylore are the founders of Laser Reiki, and master teachers of Usui Reiki.
Here’s what Ronald Walker, a journalist has to say about us in an article entitled:
Healing Without Devices,  without pills
Even though there have been thousands of reports of “so-called” miracle healings down thorough the ages, modern medicine considers it a fluke, a fake or that it wasn’t really a healing but a misdiagnosis in the first place.Taylore and Roi have been doing some amazing energy healings since 1985. They discovered many new ways to use the process by 1990, and in 1994, they formally started teaching others to use and flow this natural zero-point energy. Their method is called Laser Reiki because the energy flows out their fingertips like a laser beam. (

It used to be thought certain people were special or gifted with the ability to transfer the healing energy. This couple has a long track record of proving everyone is hard-wired to use this source of energy to heal. The ability can be awakened in anyone just by introducing some energetic symbols (activation of software) into the subconscious mind. The human mind is uniquely designed to use the zero-point energy any way it chooses — whether it’s a healer flowing it directly out of the hands, someone inventing a gas device to change the world, and/ or an entrepreneur doing a thriving business because he knows how things works.Their workshops will cover a little background on their discovery of this simple but profound energy healing method. They will show you how anyone can do it and cover a few of the simple techniques that you can learn to do yourself without any other training. After all — according to quantum physics — this life is a holographic game. You might as well learn the rules and enjoy the trip. (You’re already making the pictures in your mind that creates your reality.) Why not make it a reality that you really like?Taylore and Roi realize talk is cheap, so if you have long standing pain of any kind (physical, mental, or emotional) make a little time for them at the beginning of the Laser Reiki class as they are able to find the root cause of any pain and can tell in advance what percentage of the pain can be removed from any person. Releasing energy blockages is a simple process and can be learned in a weekend class. It only takes a few minutes to make a noticeable difference by removing and transmuting the negative energy causing the pain, stress, sickness and even emotional issues. Schedule of the Laser Reiki Classes. (

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  Reiki Testimonials    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

One of the testimonials in their files is from Dave a retired city employee:
One might call this a miracle healing, but it only follows the natural laws of the universe. Dave came to one of Taylore and Roi’s Introductory talks they gave in Tacoma, WA, where the talk was followed by a healing demonstration of their instant pain release method. They asked for a show of hands of those in the audience that were in pain. More than half raised their hands. They chose an older man and as he got up and walked to the front of the room, it was clearly evident that his head was leaning over to one side of his body by 20 degrees. He had a frozen neck for two years, he’d been operated on twice with no improvement (they wanted another try, he said, No!) Dave had a medical retirement from the city, and he was in constant pain. Taylore and Roi wondered if they could do any good for him in the next few minutes. They checked with his subconscious mind through muscle testing – asking the questions, “Can we do any good for Dave’s body in the next 5 minutes? Will it make a noticeable change in the position of the head? What percent of the pain can be transmuted?” The answers were: yes, yes and about 60% change.
They started a Laser Reiki energy healing process to release the emotional root cause of the neck pain and condition and the head became more erect on the body, the pain reduced about 60% and Dave was optimistic for the first time in two years. It only took a few minutes to affect these changes. He had a complete recovery after attending one of their weekend Laser Reiki workshops and is still pain free and standing erect today 9 years after the treatments.
So if you really want to make any kind of life change give Taylore and Roi a try!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Another Reiki testimonial:
Hi Taylore and Roi!  Deb B and I came up from Portland this past weekend for Reiki I-II-III and LOVED it, thank you so much.
     We both want to come back and take the classes again, and we’re busily recruiting a few co-workers to join us.  I have a couple questions – –  I’ve looked on the website to find the upcoming class dates and I had no luck.  Can you please share the newest dates for both Reiki I and Reiki I-II-III?  If Deb and I want to come up and re-take the I-II-III weekend, will it also be $299 per person do we get a special price?
     And on a different topic, I was searching your site and was unable to find the 14-cd manifestation set ($100) that you discussed Sunday.  Can you please send me a link?
     Thank you, again, SO much for the weekend.  It was an incredible weekend and I experienced a huge spiritual growth spurt – and I am deeply grateful to you both. 
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Thanks Taylore!

I just bought the book and hope to read it over the weekend… (still getting through my Reiki Manuals!).
It was a wonderful experience being there at the Ranch and I hope to visit again some time!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So great to take your Reiki classes.   I absolutely love the class, the people, you wonderful ranch.
So much love, hospitality, and wisdom.   It was enchanting and another learning experience.  by CY
Traditional Reiki classes are given 4 times a year and Laser Reiki are given once a year
Why would you need a Laser Reiki training, attunement or activation?
  • It helps your whole life on all levels!
  • You become closer to Source and you can ask questions and receive answers
  • The training gives you 100’s of different ways to clear old stuck energy.
  • It makes your life easier, more fun, happier, healthier and even more prosperous.
It is like a “jack-of-all-trades master software program being put into the computer’s hardware (the mind). Without the software programming the computer is unable to process input, or information. The computer can’t act on its own without some kind of programming. The human mind starts out as blank pages and then we learn to work hard to get an education, work hard to get money, struggle to have a life, etc.
     Parents share  their hard luck stories with their children. Right or wrong that’s our programming and it most often leaves us feeling:
  1. Deep down I’m not good enough
  2. I’m not lucky
  3. Things fall apart when I get close to succeeding
  4. I’ve always lost money when I invest
  5. I don’t have enough education to get ahead
  6. I don’t feel attractive
  7. I’m not liking myself.

This early mental/emotional programming may be the cause of some of the financial problems in our lives and pain in our bodies. A mother might tell her son as they walk through a shopping mall, “We’re not that kind of people to go into that store and shop with the rich.” “Don’t talk to strangers.” etc. At an early age it’s all software that defines our future life.  Remove the blocks and your ideal life flows into you environment!

Who are we? What’s the Reiki done for us? Why should you listen to us?
Laser Reiki connects us all at a higher level to source energy and therefore our dreams manifest a lot faster. The clearing process we teach can be felt as the old limiting blockages are released. The body and mind become lighter, happier, and it is easier to become enlightened. Happiness flows without effort. Health and youthfulness are easier to maintain.You see the difference in yourself and others. Students talk about how much better they feel. Pain and stress go away.
$$ — On the financial side Taylore and Roi were living in the woods in a small rented spot of land in an old RV, and now we are living at the Reiki Ranch, a one half million dollar 22 acre tree farm where we established the healing school complete with an old time school bell.  Would you like to learn this process so you can use your secret software that achieves your dreams?
Come and spend the weekend or even a week retreat at the ranch while they help you to clear the pathway to …your ideal life!
 — Laser Reiki Level 1-4, is either 4 of the 2-day weekends or a week of awesome fun filled workshop at the Reiki Ranch. Check out the details at the Reiki Ranch energy healing retreat! Here’s a description of the Laser Reiki workshop at the
  • Instruction are given in PowerPoint visuals with a workbook
  • Energy clearing, instructions and demonstrations are provided
  • And this is followed by a practice exercise where each student receives multi, multi healings each day.
  • Results of the energy clearing are measured by David Hawkins scale using muscle testing.
This is a constantly growing method so we’ve made it possible for returning students to retake any updated seminar for a donation. New information is coming in every class.
— — — — — — —
Thank you!
Taylore Vance and Roi Richards
Reiki Healing Masters
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Mailing address:
The Assembly of CEH (Mailing address)
1673 S Market Blvd. #143
Chehalis, WA 98532
Tel. 360-748-4426 Check out how scalar waves heal with zero point energy. For those who do not love to spend the time learning how to do this for them selves. This is about a zero point tool that heals.
What Is Energy Healing About?

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