Reiki long distance energy healing
Reiki long distance energy healing work all over the world

Reiki long distance energy healing and spiritual awakening goes together when you are trained in a Reiki Class.

There Was A Spiritual Awakening In A Reiki Two Class  for Denise and her husband. The Reiki 2 attunement gives a student the ability to  Send Remote Healings (also called an absent healing)

An energy healer can send a Long Distant healing instantly over a vast distance. Mystics in the Far East have been accomplishing this type of distant restoration of the body, mind and spirit all over the world for centuries.

It has even been reported, in the 6-book set: “The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East,” that Master Jesus visited these ancient areas, while sojourning in the so-called wilderness, where he had access to the esoteric library (mystic teachings of healing) that had been collected from India, Persia, and the trans-Himalayan region. Here Jesus first came in contact with the secret teachings of the ancient healing Brotherhood. These teachings only served to drive home more firmly a conviction already forming in his mind, that the true mystery of life was God expressed through the Christ Consciousness that Jesus had become. The spiritual teachers or mystics of the Far East have monasteries dating back over 9000 years with rooms that were carved out of solid stone in tall mountain ranges. Their descendants still occupy that space, keeping the records and helping others today.

Reiki Distant Healing Energy
Reiki Distant Healing Energy

Reiki is a spiritual practice in nature. Sending a remote healing is common place in the life of a Reiki practitioner. One of the features that Reiki has over other healing modalities is that with Reiki Two (Reiki II) training you can send remote healings across the room or clear across the world to help someone. It can be sent and received the same moment.

The Christ within is the healing presence. Reiki training is a spiritual procedure where sacred symbols (symbolic software programs) are placed into the aura of the student. The Reiki Master personally gives the attunements — places the symbols on head, heart and hands of the student. This opens up approximately a 24% increase in the flow of natural healing energy that constantly flows from the palms of the hands.

Most people are simply not aware that there is energy flowing from the palms of their hands. Some might call this etheric energy. When a young child falls down and skins her knee she will cry and then run to her mommy. The mother picks up the child and put her hands on the “owie” and holds her hands on the child’s knee and the child will stop crying. Natural healing energy flows out of everyone’s hands. A Reiki attunement simply increases that energy flow.

Reiki Spiritual Awakening
Reiki Spiritual Awakening

This healing is actually beyond space and time coming directly from God and has nothing whatsoever to do with any religion. The energy healing is not using any of the practitioner’s energy; It is Universal energy and is free for the taking simply because we are conscious beings; we are consciousness. Regardless of the distance the healings are received at the same moment they are sent.

The student is encouraged to practice the Five REIKI PRECEPTS designed to help one with everyday life. Dr. Usui, the founder of Reiki, recommends that just for Today only:

  1. Do not anger
  2. Do not worry
  3. Be in gratitude – With thankfulness for everything
  4. Work diligently
  5. Be kind to others

We are all connected to each other. When a person is attuned to Reiki (being opened up to the flow of healing energy) they become a vessel or a pipe where the Universal Life Force energy flows through them to the client. The Reiki practitioner does not take on any sickness from the client; the Reiki practitioner does not use his or her own energy when sending healing energy to another person.

This is God force energy flowing through the Reiki trained individual to the client and this energy has a direction of its own. It is much better if the practitioner does not have a preconceived idea about the healing outcome or an agenda of their own. Let source energy decide what is best for the client. The practitioner should clear their own mind so they will not block their own healing efforts.  Acknowledge that Source Energy has a greater intelligence than we humans do. It knows exactly what is needed.

Do remote healings really work? (Testimonial)

An older Reiki Master couple in their early seventies wanted to send healing energy to this lady friend who was in her nineties. They called her up to get permission to send her Reiki. They asked her, “What have you been doing lately?”

She said, “I haven’t been doing very much lately because my hands hurt so bad; my arthritis has really been acting up so much I can’t even write a letter.” Since she was a hard shell Christian they asked, “Would it be okay to pray for You and send a healing for your hands?” In reality, sending a Reiki energy healing and sending a Christian prayer are truly the same thing. So they asked the lady if they could pray for her. The old lady was living 2000 miles from them.

Then they sent her an energy healing (Reiki) for her hands easing the pain and seeing her hands like new again. One hour later they called her back and asked her how she was doing now. She said, “I can’t talk right now. I’m writing an important letter. It’s been a long time since I wrote a letter.”  She did not mention her hands and neither did the couple. Success!

Sending Love and Reiki energy long distance! (Testimonial)

We had an exercise in class where a man’s wife, one of the students, used a stuffed animal as a surrogate for a person.  She sent uplifting Reiki energy for his highest good.

In her testimonial about the miraculous joint healing she said, “Hi my name is Denise Massey. This is my first time here at the Reiki Ranch. I have some previous experience with Yoga work, shamanic work and Reiki. But I haven’t ever experienced doing the healing myself. I’ve only been healed with it, so it was quite the eye-opening experience, here today. I sent healing energy to my husband 4 hours away, and he had the exact same spiritual awakening that I did. So I have proof and testimony that it actually happened!”


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Reiki long distance energy healing and spiritual awakening

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