If the energy coming in is not for my highest good / best interest?

It is a Trespass!


(When someone sends you bad energy for whatever reason it is a trespass. If they don’t like you, that’s not your problem. That is their problem. You do not have to accept that negative energy. Refuse to accept any kind of negative thoughts, judgments or their opinions. Just know that it is not yours and it will not enter your energy field.)

Bad and/or negative energy will pass me by!

Say these affirmations out loud

  • I accept even more Positive energy!
  • I accept even more Loving energy!
  • I accept even more Healing energy!
  • I accept even more Ascension energy!
  • I choose happy, happy, happy
  • I choose even more Peace, tranquility, and helping energy into my life
  • I choose even more Joy, joy, joy!
  • I choose even more abundant wealth, money, and dollars to flow into my life.
  • I ATTRACT EVEN MORE MONEY ENERGY: I Attract Health, Wealth, Freedom, Fun, Prosperity and Abundance
  • I feel good about having even more success!


THANK YOU, GOD for helping me understand that you have already taken care of my ___(put your dream statement here)_____________________ even beyond my wildest dreams.

I AM Grateful for my _______________,

I AM Appreciative for my _________________,

and I AM Celebrating my manifestation of my ________________!

Thank You!

© by Taylore Vance

By Taylore Vance copyright

How to Create Energy for Your Highest Good by Taylore Vance

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