Where you put your attention, the Law of Attraction delivers that experience to you.

What you see you are creating?

Knowledge of feng shui might be helpful. Feng shui is a most ancient art and science that was formalized over 3,000 years ago in China.

It has been available for the more affluent people at one point of time. Now, everyone can use it to get the best results.


In literal interpretation Feng means “wind,” and Shui means “water.” In Chinese history, wind and water are correlated with good health. Thus good feng shui came to symbolize good fortune. Conversely, bad feng shui means bad luck or misfortune.


Building more wealth in life is probable with the implementation of some crucial tips of using feng shui.

Though you are capable of getting the desired results, the importance of each tip is that you don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money.

Provide a vision board for your creation of wealth.

  1. Evaluate the importance of wealth in your life with the creation of a comprehensive list of your dreams. Review how you are going to spend money on a general basis. Organize your spending and earning priorities in practice to obtain the desired effects according to your expectations besides receiving the best impact of feng shui.
  2. Make a vision board where you look at it every day!
  3. Write out your list of dreams as if already accomplished!
  4. Feng shui is known to represent money in the form of water. If you have leaky pipes in your home, broken toilets, disabled showers, and cracked sinks, then it is better to repair them because the more the water flows away, the more money will be wasted.
  5. Water fountains have to be precisely set up to maintain the direction of flow into your home. This symbolizes that you can earn more money. You will lose money in case the fountain direction is definitely opposite to your main entrance. Maintain clean water in the fountain always.
  6. For thousands of years, those who follow feng shui have preached the idea that the outside of your life reflects the inside. Your home reflects you. If it’s disorganized, your thoughts likely are, too. It is worth the effort to be organized. If your finances are haywire, your emotions may mirror that energetic disarray.

Your cookstove means wealth

  1. According to feng shui, the cook stove represents wealth. Be sure that the stove is in a working condition and is free of dust and dirt. The ability to use all the burners is necessary, which symbolically states that wealth is being spread all over you and your property. Those stoves that are needing repair damaged or broken need to be fixed or replaced ASAP.


  1. Wealth Includes having plants in your home because they are considered to be great Chi enhancers (The Chinese define energy as life force, or chi). This is why replacing dead plants proves to be crucial. Watering plants regularly is vital. Your failure to do so will indicate that the plants drying up and your money too.


  1. Maintenance of repairs needed. Replacing leaky batteries and expired tube lights and other light bulbs must be done. Get the repairs done for all the items that are not in good operating condition. You will be able to start earning even more money and ready to receive even more abundance better when all the pieces are in place. Realize fire energy in this manner that helps in extracting desired performances. (The power of the Fire – a feng shui element – is the energy of the bright sun, happy celebrations, and glorious, joyful achievements.)


  1. Fixing broken objects is very important. As claimed by feng shui, you are broke in case if you find any items in your house or shop that are broken. Replace the objects or fix them to get the best performance in the flow of wealth energy.

Points to consider that make you feel wealthy


  1. Fill your fridge with all kinds of healthy eating stuff. In Feng shui, you might want to Ensure that the racks and containers are filled and not empty. Maintaining empty things in your vicinity in Feng shui means that your wallet too is empty. Have a wealthy full feeling by feeling abundant in all areas of our life.


  1. Eliminate clutters that block the free flow of energy. Stagnant circumstances occur because of clutters. Taking care of the process of de-cluttering, you can have a new lease of life all again. Removing the rubble will help you in supporting a perfect life. Be in a financially reliable state.  A neat and organized home is where wealth has its enormous Feng shui effects. This is the reason why most luxury homes are seen with a lot of cleanliness and perfect maintenance. As compared to those homes that are enabled with poor living standards. Comparing both of them will help you realize the best Feng shui sources of the highest living for you.


  1. Make use of those things that make you feel wealthy. This kind of approach helps you in increasing your income earning opportunities. Stay away from those things that make you feel cheap or invaluable. Include those things that represent entirety.


Feng Shui Ten tips to bring wealth and prosperity into your life

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