Reiki is considered a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation!

Reiki promotes energy healing by raising the Life Force Frequency. The reason it is considered Japanese is that Dr. Usui actually re-discovered it.
Reiki is the name of an ancient healing practice using none of your own energy, but using Source energy to heal yourself and others. Since it is not your own energy, you never feel tried from flowing Reiki.
Reiki 1 flows out of your hands like a flow of energy. It is administered by “laying on hands” or just hovering the hands over a client. This teaching is based on the idea that higher source energy flows to you, through you to your client. You also get a healing when you are Reiki trained, and you allow this stream of energy to flow through you.
Reiki 2 is where you can send Reiki via a Long distance healing to another time, another place, even a person on the other side of the world.
Reiki Master includes all the attributes of energy healing, bundled together in a larger quantity and amped up in Power!
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Reiki is considered a Japanese healing technique

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