With Laser Reiki, the remote healings are very quick, but deep into many past lives, whereby instantly releasing the root cause for pain in this life.

Those practicing Laser Reiki use no machines or tools except their fingertips and the focused 6th dimensional beam of energy.

Just what is uncovered in eliminating the root cause of physical pain, sickness, etc., in a person’s body?   There could be 100s of areas where the root cause of pain might be found.  Several of these areas are listed below, for example: 

  • The root cause of pain might be found in this lifetime or a past lifetime.
  • The root cause might be: A mental, emotional, physical, psychological, psychic, spiritual, or genetical reason from this lifetime, a past lifetime, etc.
  • It could be trauma, stress, anxiety, tension about something that happened to you or something you did to others, etc. with anger, rage, frustration, guilt, blame, shame, remorse and/or revenge!
  • There are also these to check to see if the root cause of pain is from: Curses, vows, dogmas, poisons, toxins, medications, vaccinations, heavy metals, etc.
  • All this and much more can be addressed and cleared in only 10 minutes by the Laser Reiki students.

A person’s body, mind and spirit are freed instantly of pain because the LR healers are pouring a huge amount of Source energy into you! This energy is directed toward your desire to be free of pain. And so you are!

Jumping with joy
When you are trained in Reiki you feel like jumping with joy!
Message from the client (KH):
Hi Taylore! Just getting back to you to schedule the energy healing from your class. Busy day for me. Here’s my snapshot. (it helps to have a photo of the client.)
My problem areas are tightness in my neck/shoulders, low back, feet are stiff after getting out of bed in the morning, water retention/swelling/cellulite in my legs (Lymphedema), face breaking out and flaky/dry (milia), third eye not open (everything is always black in meditation/journey, unable to connect to guides, etc). My cell is 248-xxx-xxxx. Thank you!!
PS: I’m also having pain in my left hip and down my left leg. That’s new as of this afternoon.
Taylore explains how to start a remote energy healing: “Okay — I’m adding you to the client’s list for today for remote healings from our Laser Reiki Level 5 class!”
NOTE: Before the remote healing was conducted we took an assessment of the Life Force energy flowing throughout the areas that were most painful for the client. Her Life Force flow of energy was only flow at 32% – the means the healing ability of her body was blocked by almost 70% of negative, stuck nodes of karma or dark energy. When a person’s energy flow is so blocked, there is no healing possible. When the energy flow is so low (blocked) the body is just barely hanging on and it did not have the ability to do repairs to itself. After the class spent 10 minutes clearing the blockages with the client, we measured that now, there was 80% if her Life Force flow present. The client’s ability to heal was restored and her body was energized with LR (a high flow of Source energy to correct and align instant healing.) That’s why KH felt so good after the energy clearing!

Testimonial: Healing of a person’s face and attachment!

Pamela G, (PG) for 8-10 years had the right side of her face slightly lifted (she calls this her “attachment” – a slight paralysis of one side of the face like people who had a stroke.) and she also complained of something foreign on her right shoulder.

Messages between the client, PG,  and Shirsha (one of the LR students):

S: Did you notice any little change since Sunday? We sent you a Laser Reiki remote healing via long distance. Let me know. We did not call you because the phone line was down.

PG: I didn’t know I was being worked on as I was at Sundays on Cole St. in Enumclaw helping Peggy with her booth so I was not tuned in, it is hard to say, not really, but
I will say: “I can’t feel the attachment like before!”

S: Could you be more specific?

PG: For years, I have felt an attachment occurred on my back, by the right shoulder since someone named Judith worked on me. Now after the LR remote healing, I can’t feel it now. Thank you!

S: We (the Laser Reiki class) removed the root cause of your problem; the healing energy is placed into the spiritual body and it unfolds slowly coming in a little at a time into the physical body within 3 days. Laser Reiki takes care of the 4 bodies: from the spiritual to the physical.
If on a scale 1 to 10 (worst), let’s say it was a 10 then… where is it now?

PG: Well, I will say that sometimes I think the attachment caused my emotional rollercoaster, lots of anger and such, haven’t had that and feel evener now. so probably I don’t know, just don’t feel it. It is gone!

S: Great! On June 2, see above, you were open to the healing… Glad we could help you release that attachment and emotional issues around it.

Amazing Remote Healing Testimonials with Laser Reiki

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