This morning I noticed that Gandhi, our rescued black cat, did not want me to pet his back near his tail. I asked, “What’s wrong with your back. Does it hurt?” Since the cat does not communicate in words they show you in their own way.

You are probably a pet owner yourself.  You might be an energy healer? Just being a mommy or daddy to your fury pet, you know when things are not right! And then you start wondering if your pet is sick, has it been hurt, does it have an upset stomach, or what?

 you can immediately tell when you look at your pet that something needs to be done. You are an energy healer, a Reiki practitioner, a Reiki Master, or just a concerned pet owner wondering what to do next.
 My kitty cat, Gandhi,  has his own kitty door where he can come in and go out all day long and during the night too. So I never know what he’s eating when he is outdoors. I have seen remains of all kinds of rodents, snakes, chipmunks, birds and even a dead weasel which he did not eat.
 We feed him high quality “grain-free” canned cat food, holistic dried Food, and raw beef liver from Safeway. He will not eat Walmarts’ beef liver because he knows the difference.

You Know When Something Is Wrong with Your Pet!

 Yesterday morning, Gandhi was laying in the grass in the backyard, alert, but when I walk by he did not follow me to the vegetable garden. I did some chores in the garden and came back toward the house where Gandhi was still in the same spot. I wondered if he was okay? Usually, he’s like a dog and follows us everywhere on the property. Since I am a Laser Reiki Master I took an assessment of his life force energy and using muscle testing. With this technique, you can measure if he is sick or not.

What Is His Life Force Level of Energy Flow?

After testing him, I came up with a score of a five out of ten number. That means that his life force energy was blocked by 50%. Since Gandhi is a very healthy two-year-old male kitty cat, his energy is usually an eight out of 10. Meaning he is 80% positive with his force energy.  So, this morning  Gandhi is only operating at 50% of his life force energy. That means there are negative energy blockages.  When an animal’s energy flow is low there is very little healing able to happen. He is sick.

I Put on My Doctor Taylore’s Medicine Woman Hat and Went to Work!

Low energy flow means the animal is sick. I used our Laser Reiki healing diagnostic methods and found 3 dark energy blockages. I release them (I deleted the blockages) so that Gandhi could have higher energy flow in his body, mind, and spirit. When there is a good healthy energy flow the being can heal itself. His health issues could return to normal.
It does not matter where the dark energy comes from as long as it clears up and goes away so your pet’s health can return to normal. Pets protect and heal their owners energetically speaking. I did check where this energy blockage came from and it was an etheric attack on him. He might have been protecting his humans like a warrior he is.
 Within a few minutes, his energy flow returned to a nine out of 10. That means the natural process of healing can happen and the client can return to a healthy state.
Gandhi got back up on his feet and started acting like his normal self again! Hurry!
This personal testimonial of healing the cat with Reiki and Laser Reiki may give you some ideas for helping your own 4 legged friends and fury children! Everyone can flow this energy! Be love and be loved! ??
Reiki for Animals Reiki for Cats

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