Reiki is the only energy healing modality that is available in every country of the world.

It is welcomed in many hospitals worldwide because it has been proven to help speed recoveries from all sorts of medical procedures.  When giving a Reiki energy healing, it requires no technology at all and many of the Reiki practitioners offer their services for free at hospitals.

Reiki in hospitals

So exactly what is Reiki?

It is the name for the flow of intelligent energy in motion directly from the prime source of all life! (From the invisible to the visible.)

Like a shortwave radio signal, you must be attuned to pick it up and transfer its energy to yourself or others where it decides exactly what is the best way to help that individual or situation?

Reiki energy body

Essentially, the Reiki attuned practitioner is simply a pipe that transfers the prime source energy as it flows through into our physical reality where it helps us live a more complete life of fun, happiness, health, and wealth –rather than being in pain and suffering. Even though we are called healers when we are properly trained and attuned, we are simply allowing our body to be used by the prime source to flow its healing essence to a person, to a situation, to a place, or to some spot where it is necessary to remove the pain and sadness.


None of the Reiki trained individuals use their own energy. There are some healing modalities where the student will use their own energy and feel tired after giving a treatment, but not in Reiki. The Reiki practitioner always feels refreshed and energized.

Even though various humans have been able to flow this energy down through the ages, Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk, is the one who had a revelation that anyone could be attuned to this healing flow. We who are at the Reiki Ranch are in the direct lineage down from Mikao Usui’s original attunements and we happily pass that along to you in our Reiki classes and training so that you, also, will be able to have a direct connection to the prime source.

We invite you to come to the Reiki Ranch where you also benefit from the direct lineage of Mikao Usui’s enlightened moment when he brought these lost teachings out again! Now thousands can benefit and participate from the Usui teachings rather than just the lucky few who naturally flow this powerful energy from the Source.

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Understanding Usui Reiki

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