In its simplest form, Reiki is a method that channels source energy to a particular physical location or geographical area for energy healing affecting a wide variety of issues ranging from environmental and biological to mental health and spiritual healing.You can send energy healing to one person or 20 people at the  same time.

You feel an uplifting of stress and release of burdens from even a short Reiki healing session.

what is reikiWhat is Reiki?

A ray – is a beam of light. Ki or Chi –  is energy from source.  So a person who is trained Reiki is able to beam out energy from source to others.  The word is pronounced Ray – Key.

Holistic Health

Reiki is considered a holistic health approach as a healing modality whereby the source energy is focused and controlled through the healing hands of the healer. This process is similar in form and function as the “laying on of hands” healing modality embraced by many religious orders and is considered to be highly effective alternative health approach to healing. The client will feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki practitioners are trained in the use of the healing energy as well as how to use the various Reiki symbols that are an integral part of the Usui Reiki energy-healing model as they are sanctioned for practice via Reiki attunement. Dr. Mikao Usui  is considered the modern day founder. Reiki is an energy healing technique that has been used for thousands of years by many masters down through time. The teachings seemed to have gotten lost and Usui is accredited with the research and rediscovery of this complete spiritual practice that is bringing peace and happiness to many. It can be learned in one weekend.

Reiki Energy

Although Reiki therapy is highly regarded as a an effective method for healing biological and physiological maladies, the affect that Reiki energy has on an individual, geographical location, ecology and the world as a whole is lesser-known, yet just as effective, if not more so.

While the healing touch of the Reiki practitioner’s healing hands is more directed to healing the physiological body, Reiki spiritual healing can go much deeper, farther and is not limited to the use of hands-on treatment. It can be sent around the world and is instantly felt that the time it was sent. There is no time lag; it arrives immediately. Anybody can easily learn this healing modality.  Here at the Reiki Ranch we find that some of our students attend class from the dream state. So in another part of the world when a student is sleeping they may soul travel to a class and receive attunements and be initiated into Reiki. They may wake up remembering an awesome dream and feel empowered.

Reiki Master

A Reiki Master can administer spiritual healing over phone lines – or long distances without any electronic communication – with pinpoint laser accuracy. The energy healing can be delivered immediately, at a predetermined time and place or allowing source to manage the appropriate target, location and timing of the administration of the healing energy medicine.

This is huge for Reiki healers to have an impact on not only individuals within their private locale, but to affect others unencumbered by geography, time or space and even to play an integral part in raising the consciousness of our world.

Free Training

It is our intention to equip as many Reiki practitioners and Masters as possible for a better, healthier, more abundant, and enlightened world. It is this commitment to help others create a better world that inspires us to offer free training in Usui Reiki.    These classes are giving Reiki practitioners an opportunity to embrace effective energy healing for themselves and others.

So, if you’ve ever considered becoming a spiritual healer, you would be answering the call of Source for you to learn Reiki and become the energy healer that the world needs now, more than ever.

Please contact us and we can extend our invitation to you to attend our next Usui Reiki free training and see first-hand how amazing it can be to be a part of the holistic health movement by empowering your healing hands with Reiki healing.

Our students, even after they free Reiki One certification, are able to beam the frequency of love and light as they go about their every day living, driving on the freeway’s, shopping in the supermarkets and interacting with family members.

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What is Reiki?

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