The Reiki Ranch hosted The One Command Seminar last weekend and founder Asara Lovejoy presented the program. The energy was high and the room full of amazing participants where most were also students of Laser Reiki, i hypnotist, several counselors, all healers, and even Internet marketers. We enjoyed the 6-step process and Now Taylore and Roi are teaching the 1-day workshop themselves.

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Yoli Arosemena is teaching it from Panama with Taylore in January 2008. David Hunt is going to teach it in Waco, Texas. And I heard several of the other students talking about teaching the 1-day in Portland, Olympia, and Canada.

To learn the process via Ebook: go here: for an instant download!

The One Command…

Something big is happening in our lives right now and I expect you want to join those discovering the simple yet powerful 6-Step Process to the theta state and The One Command that is dramatically changing our lives for the better – in moments. The reports from those reading this wonderful book almost verge on the miraculous.

Why is The One Command so Different?

Have you ever wondered why, as I often have, what makes such a dramatic difference in people’s lives? It isn’t always the money or talent or hard work. It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in how attuned each person is to the universe around them and how they can tap into that power to have a more abundant life.  The difference lies in your skill and ability to open yourself to your universe of unlimited ideas – unlimited potential and your greatest success!

Most people get caught up desperately trying to earn and force wealth and health upon themselves – really too busy focusing on all the trappings of big business to connect to the powers of the universe right within them. They really don’t have the ability to tap into the source of ultimate power – meaning:happiness, love and fulfillment while living a rich life.

“It’s Time To Harness The Power of Your Mind”

Now you have the opportunity to master your amazing powers in 6 easy steps man_in_light.jpg

to your theta mind as you fulfill your dreams with The One Command.

You already have abilities and powers that you’re not even aware of.

You were born with these powers — but if you are like so many others you have never learned how to master them. Instead, we go through life like unguided missiles, trying different things and hoping for the best — but never really fulfilling our dreams.

The most amazing part of The One Command is that it not only works for wealth, it works the same way for health, relationships, success…anything you want! “It’s so simple, it’s embarrassing,” the author Asara Lovejoy says… and she INSISTS she can quickly teach this simple secret to YOU…Instantly!

Seattle Area! The one day Class– taught by Taylore and Roi of the Reiki Ranch

Nov 30 — One-day course — Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Location: at the Maitreya Learning Center,

2260 152nd Ave. NE,

Redmond, WA 98052 

888-644-3263 (for driving instructions – hint- it is a good idea to call because the building is behind another building.) Price is $180.00

Hosted by Taylore and Roi, 1673 S. Martket Blvd. #143, Chehalis, WA 98532 tel.360-748-4426

One Day Seminar – The One Command®

The Foundation Course for Commanding Wealth 1-Day
One-day course — 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
The One Command®
one-day event unlocks a power within you so great – activating unused portions of your mind you are propelled into your innate ability to create the life you have always desired.
You benefit from attendance no matter what your current financial, health, or relationship situation. Once you are consciously operating in the masterful state of theta and you issue The One Command®, you stop your old way of thinking in a moment and bring into your essential hard wired subconscious a new understanding of health, wealth, money, and a rich life with people going your way.

This is a physical event in your brain and an extraordinary event in expanding your capacity for a new life.  The results are magnificent. Asara often says, “You are already masters of your life – usually masters of lack and limitation. In the process of The One Command® you become masters of a rich life that is within the blueprint of your DNA, ready for you to discover.”

Throughout the day you learn:

  • Six-steps to the theta state
  • The One Command® that stops limitation, and attracts your health and wealth
  • To operate in theta and reach that greater capacity within you
  • To instantly create and change any life situation
  • Program your DNA for Wealth and Health
  • Remove the beliefs that keep you in strife, and struggle
  • To be rich, healthy and at peace with yourself and the world
  • To create and realize all your dreams, daily

Amazing Stories:
Participants are reporting unexpected cash and checks arriving in the mail when they attend – and even before – when they simply make the commitment to attend.

One graduate had a signed lease for her property within fifteen minutes after stating The One Command®.

Another graduate opened a business with 0 cash, and earned over 350,000 dollars within the first five months. One investor doubled, doubled, and redoubled his investments, and is getting ready to relocate, and retire.

From every walk of life participants are benefiting…

The One Command – Book is $17.95 (Buy the book from the

Special Book and CD – price $25. Shipping $5.90 priority mail –total $30.90

Taylore and Roi, The Assembly of CEH,1673 S. Martket Blvd. #143, Chehalis, WA 98532 tel.360-748-4426

Happy – One Command Seminar Was A Success!

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