How is your summer going?
We’ve had a very hot and dry summer for western Washington. It has been good for the garden. I just harvested 3 boxes of organic home grown onions. Once dried and stored they will keep from late summer to next March if we don’t eat them up by then.
Roi and I are cutting the firewood to heat the house for winter — we have a large wood stove in the living room. We just love the warm feeling that burning wood brings to the house in winter. The physical exercise is good, too. We love to do this! Luckily we don’t have to go far to get the wood.
In the last newsletter Roi and I offered a free energy assessment of your business or of yourself to measure the energy blockages.
  • Did you know you can thrive instead of struggle?
  • You just need to be clear of bad financial karma.
  • We all have some blocked or low energy about money.
  • We have giving a few more free assessments and still have time to help a few more of you. First come — first serve! Best if you call Monday – Wednesday day or evening. Tel. 360-748-4426. Just mention this post on this website!
From a workshop by Abraham-hicks:  ***Who is depriving you?***
“When you do not have enough of something wanted, it is you who is depriving yourself, but what you are wanting is alignment more than the stuff that you think you wantNow, we want you to want all that stuff, we want you, because you are out here in the leading edge, someone said yesterday “Well, not so sure that this stuff that I want is really as spiritual as I want to be”, and we say, this stuff out here on the leading edge is the extension of what spirit is; there is nothing that is not spiritual about your materialism, because you are the extension of source energy.

But there is a physical aspect of you that is out of sync with the spirit that is you, just as there are physical aspects of you that are IN sync with the spirit that is you.

So, it is not materialism that is tripping you up, it is having asked for that which Source has endorsed and become, and then holding yourself in vibrational opposition to it, that makes some people to begin to write books about the” inappropriateness of wanting material things”.***9/09 Los Angeles, CA

The Universe, God, Source, Law of Attraction wants to give you things.
  • When you are more clear — your vibrational frequency is higher.
  • When you are happy and high the Law of Attraction brings you more things that you enjoy.
  • Otherwise, old childhood “struggle and lack programs” keep recreating the same old situations of hard work, lack of real success, self sabotage, limited resources, feelings of being alone, lack of purpose, etc.
  • It seems like we are stamped with “unworthiness” when we are born causing us to feel small and unimportant for the rest of our lives.
  • This can be changed.
  • We need to feel good about ourselves at all levels — so we all can do greater things!
Enjoy the rest of the summer. If Roi and I can be of service — just give us a call.
Who is depriving you?

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