End of Summer Stress

By Taylore Vance

Part One

The news media is pumping stress and fear these days: The economy, swine flu, jobs, medical care for all vs. no medical help, mandatory shots, more layoffs, closures, etc.

Now it is the end of summer and some call it the end of play – back to school, to the daily grind, or off to find a job where hundreds are looking for that same job, downsizing your living. That may be true for some — but others are flourishing.

How to identify what is causing your to stress? How to ID your stress and stress triggers?

Your friends and /or family members could be experiencing financial stress. It is not good that they’re stressed out and hopefully it won’t last for long. Relationships and marriages suffer during these times. Stress leads to depression, and fear of moving forward sets in. It seems like they don’t know how to get out of being stressed or they don’t know what is wrong. They only notice that life has become difficult. Everything and everyone bugs them for no reason.

Dealing with fear and stress is not easy for anyone. According to some research released by Lifeline Australia — stress is costing Australian taxpayers $300,000 per day.

You may not know that you are stressed.

  • One sign of having a bad case of stress is that you are unable to take a deep breath or
  • that you find it difficult to yawn and relax
  • you worry about things both is the past and future
  • your dreams are about this

Other signs of stress are: not able to have:

  • mental / intellectual relaxation,
  • thinking thoughts that are generally negative,
  • confusion,
  • mental lethargy,
  • withdrawn and seldom reading a book or journal for fun or work,
  • making negative statements about yourself or others, and
  • lacking creativity and thinking of new ideas.

Nevertheless, you cannot allow fear or stress to be in command of your life. Otherwise, you will end up with health issues and battered feelings. You deal with stress differently from your neighbor. Very few know how to get relief; others don’t know what’s wrong or how to work it out. You can always get a Laser Reiki energy healer to help.

The amount of Stress that your body is experiencing can be measure (on a scale of 1 to 10) and released using Laser Reiki energy healing techniques. Once you get out of stress you are better able to start creating the life you desire. Stress creates even more stress.

Some personality types use Stress as a powerful motivator to solve their problems such as a perfectionist. She might excel in her job when experiencing stress while others might freeze up under the same levels of stress.

Identify your stress triggers!

  • What causes you stress?
    • Avoid certain situations and those people.
    • Once the people are detached, or at least minimized, you’ll be amazed by how much better you feel!

I’ve helped many people by getting them to stay in the present moment.

To be stressed we have to be thinking of some terrible thing which happened in the past and trying to figure it out or worrying about something that might happen in the future. When you are in the NOW, you are happy. (Although, it is hard to stay in the NOW.)

Try using a few of these simple strategies to help you manage and relieve your stress. If you look at it from a positive standpoint, you will be able to deal with it with grace and keep moving. If not, you will continue to allow the stress gremlins to tear your life apart.

For a Free assessment of your financial success in business … is in order especially for start up businesses. This will keep your energetic house in order! Align your energy, release energy blockages and then you are more able to attract the life you desire… It is all about energy!

Part two is now available with one click — to read or download at (The Reiki Ranch Blogspot)


Stress Caused by Economy, Swine flu, ObamaCare, more layoffs…

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