Laser Reiki – A quantum leap into the future – Level 4 of Reiki Training, a specialty developed by Roi Halse and Taylore Vance of the Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, WA.
To understand the basics of energy healing – Reiki healing, the internationally well-known healing technique using the laying-on-of-hands method, was formalized by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1850 and is based upon his studies of the healings of the Buddha and all other enlightened masters of those times. Buddha conducted healing through Divine love transmitted through human touch and the transfer of invisible energy.
What Happens In Reiki’s Basic Training ?
The reiki practitioner allows healing energy to first fill their heart area and then flows that energy out to the being in dis-ease through their hands, continuing the Buddha’s gentle, but extremely powerful form of healing. The Christ healing energy is also the same as Reiki. Both could be called ZERO Point energy that heals and raises the frequency of a sick person’s energy.

Today, Reiki is taught and practiced all over the world and various initiations and training levels are available to reach “Reiki Master” proficiency. In most systems of Usui Reiki training there are three levels to attain Master.


The first-degree initiate (Level 1) is fully capable of healing themselves and other people. The second-degree (Level 2) involves emotional/mental healings plus learning to heal the physical body at a distance (remote healing). Third-degree initiates (Reiki Master – Level 3) have completed all the basic training, have been taught the secret symbols and with these have the capacity to attune and initiate others in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees.

Reiki_1_Chokoray_Symbol.jpg Reiki 1 Reiki_2_symbol.jpgReiki 2 New_Reiki_3_symbol.jpg Reiki 3

In modern terms the “secret symbols” are simply software that is installed in the consciousness of the individual. It tells the subconscious mind to go ahead and allow you to flow up to 60% more god energy through your body. You can then flow it out to perform the various types of healing disciplines. You are never flowing your own energy. You do not feel tired.

The more healing work you do the better you feel! This is because you are getting the benefit of this energy as it fills your body and then flows out to others. If you are a beginner to Reiki, or an experienced Reiki Master, you’ll find even more powerful Reiki Healing can be accomplished through Laser Reiki. “What’s the Next Step in Reiki?”, where we will delve into the concepts behind Laser Reiki, a specialized level of Reiki Training offered at the Reiki Ranch.

Taylore Vance, author of this article, is a Reiki Master and is the Co-Founder of Cosmic Energetic Healing. Laser Reiki Classes are offered at the Reiki Ranch in Chehalis, Washington. We offer three day Retreats for Traditional Reiki, and four day Reiki Retreats for Traditional Reiki and our specialty, Laser Reiki.

What’s the Secret of Reiki Success at the Reiki Ranch?

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