In the book, “The Pleiadian Agenda” by Barbara Hand Clow, she writes, “The Pleiadians have spoken fondly of body work. Lying in deeply wounded places in your body are the multidimensional experiences that you had in the past that can trigger your consciousness now; you were not able to integrate the experiences when they occurred before. Yet, the energy had to be activated in your bodies for you to have something to work toward. You must realize you often have experiences that have bad parts, and then you deny the whole experience and bury it.”

Actually there are neither bad or good experiences. There are just experiences. Some we’d like to do over and over and others we’d rather not. By judging them good or bad and not coming to terms with the bad we form emotional energy blockages that are carried from generation to generation in our basic blueprint. Until these are erased at their root they will continue to cause dis-ease. Chronic pain with no known cause is a good example.

Continuing in the “The Pleiadian Agenda” it is warned, “You are being tested and explored by your Anunnaki scientists. They tell you that they can heal disease by repairing your DNA. I, Satya, can tell you that your DNA can only be repaired by releasing negative emotions, by clearing miasmas out of your bodies, and your regaining mental clarity and pure spiritual integrity. Your DNA and your body are a reflection of you, so work on yourself and be very careful about who dissects you.”

With Laser Reiki & Cosmic Energetic Healing, you are able to quickly release and integrate these bad parts or “victim type” experiences as they come up. You can even do it as you drive down the highway on the way to the office. Since at the basic level these energy disturbances are almost all software problems they usually can be easily extracted from your consciousness. After a treatment with this new type of Reiki the client usually feels much lighter as if a huge weight has lifted off his or her body.

Laser Reiki is considered to be 10 times faster than  Reiki and/or any other energy healing method because it goes to the root cause of the emotional cause of sickness in just one to three sessions.

Taylore Vance, author of this article, is a Reiki Master and is the Co-Founder of Cosmic Energetic Healing. Laser Reiki Classes are offered at the Reiki Ranch in Chehalis, Washington. We offer three day Retreats for Traditional Reiki, and four day Reiki Retreats for Traditional Reiki and our specialty, Laser Reiki.
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