Have you ever heard of The Matthew Books? 

Suzy Ward honors us as both an associate and friend.  She has dedicated years to the recorded messages given to her through channeling by her deceased son, Matthew.  The messages are strong and pure, and very inspiration.  I recommend starting with Book 1, Matthew Tell Me About Heaven

Matthew was going to school in Balboa High School, Panama Canal Zone. At 17 years old he had already earned almost all the credits he needed to graduate. Since his school hours were short, he would drive out to his family farm where he would work 5-6 hours on projects until driving home for dinner time. One day it appeared that he fell asleep at the wheel while returning home on the main road, drove through a fence and hit a big rock in a pasture.

As you can see from his picture on his first book, he was quite a beautiful young man at 17 years old when his body died. His family and all his friends and their families were devastated at the news of Matthew’s untimely death. Little did they know, that he was fulling a pre-birth agreement with his family. Not even his family remembered this agreement.

Matthew has returned in spirit to help educate people about what happens when you die.  Many of us fear this experience.  Matthew calls Heaven Nirvana! Death and dying are not what we were taught to believe.

To read more get the book! It is a great book for those who have lost a family member.

Is Heaven on Earth? Matthew Shares His Knowledge

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2 thoughts on “Is Heaven on Earth? Matthew Shares His Knowledge

  1. This story is a great way to exemplify how life really is and how departed loved ones still communicate with us and show us there is so much more to life.

    This world is the illusion. We created it. Then we immersed ourselves in it in the bodies of billions of people and countless animals, insects, birds, etc…Through these countless eyes and ears we experience who we are from countless perspectives. Death is just like leaving a car or pair of cloths to simply be who we really are.

    Much Love,
    Michael Skowronski
    Author of Unforgettable: A Love and Spiritual Growth Story

  2. Dear Michael,

    Thank you so much for commenting and adding a great explanation of life, afterlife and death.

    The usual information about death does not give people hope and happiness about the process of living.

    I wish you much success on your book and be sure and come back and visit us.


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