Every day we experience stress, anxiety and tension from our family members, profession and life in general. Some days it feels like we are being tested!

“During our daily lives we are effected by the normal stresses of existence in our society, our family, and earning a living” added Roi. “Besides what we can hear, see and feel, we are affected by many unseen energies carried into the present moment from a past experience either in this life, a past life, a movie we saw or even from our genetic heritage. With Cosmic Energetic Healing through Laser Reiki we can reach into the past and remove the root cause of present-day illnesses.

“Laser Reiki — It’s like a miracle in your hands! I’ve never seen another method of healing work so quickly or be so easy to learn!”

We have classes, seminars and workshops: Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III (Reiki Master), Laser Reiki 1-4 (now 4 different weekends), Laser Reiki 5, Laser Reiki 6, Laser Reiki 7, and Laser Reiki 8 Levels all taught at the Reiki Ranch. We also do Reiki energy healings both private and public — at the monthly free Reiki energy healing Clinic — held on the 2nd Sunday.

Taylore Vance, author of this article, is a Reiki Master and is the Co-Founder of Cosmic Energetic Healing. Laser Reiki Classes are offered at the Reiki Ranch in Chehalis, Washington. We offer three day Retreats for Traditional Reiki, and four day Reiki Retreats for Traditional Reiki and our specialty, Laser Reiki.
Root Causes of Daily Stress Alleviated Using Laser Reiki

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