We just started selling the foot spa ionic detox – foot bath a few months ago. Ionic Foot Bath Spa Order Page.

I tried a commercial foot bath at a body, Mind, Spirit Expo and Exhibition in Seattle, WA. I was blown away by the amount of crud that comes out of people’s feet. The water starts off clear and turns muddy brown and may have patches of black stuff, white bubbles, red foam, etc. coming out of the feet.

Here’s a photo of how the alternative ionic healing takes place during 30 minutes using the Detox foot cell spa:Footspa_minuteslg.png

The Detox Foot Spa with Ionic Technology will enable the bodies’ natural processes to start re balancing and eliminating the build-up of pollution. This is achieved by realigning both positive and negative ions through the foot.foot_bath_feet2.jpg

If we did not live a stressful life or eat the SAD diet (standard American diet) we would have less toxins to release. Although our bodies detoxify naturally every day the problem is that most of us lead such busy lives that it makes it very difficult for our bodies to eliminate toxins completely. The Detox Foot Spa helps to re-balance and re-energize before we become ill.

You will feel the difference after just a few treatments with the Detox Foot Spa. See testimonials below.

The Ionic spa footbath helps releases heavy metals from the body. During our normal day-to-day activities, our bodies are exposed to harmful toxins which are everywhere in our environment. There are: food additives and pesticides, smog, tobacco smoke, alcohol, to heavy metals and industrial pollutants, our bodies absorb these toxins which prevent us from functioning at our best.


  1. Alex, Seattle, WA: “I had a lot more energy yesterday then usual. And, I went to bed early and fell asleep immediately. Amazing! The water that changed from crystal clear to black yuck in only 30 minutes was eye opening. Where did that ugly water come from? Did that stuff come from MY feet?”
  2. Charley- New York , NY: “WOW! I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel – I’ve felt exhausted for the past few months, I have had low energy and didn’t feel like doing much of anything at all. That was until I tried the Foot detox spa Ionic Energizer foot bath. I am grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to try this wonderful product for myself.

Want to take a look at our dual ionic foot bath detox spa?

It does two people at the same time. It has MP3 music and ear phones. https://reikiranch.com/?page_id=3&category=3&product_id=16

We have a special price of only $299 for the Foot detox spa for two people to detox at the same time. I’ve seen other detox foot spas costing $800, $1200 and even up to $2880 for units both single and dual that do the same job. We offer the dual with the MP3 player. Our foot bath can be used as a commercial unit because it will do two people at the same time.

Your Purchase of the cell spa is a Donation to an energy healing center. You are supporting the Reiki Ranch — energy healing center when you purchase a product here. We use the funds allow us to give away hundreds of free Reiki I certification trainings each year and pay for advertising the free all-day training classes.

  • After only one day of Reiki training the student can perform Hands-on-healing for themselves, family and friends. Self healing is a great tool. It’s helping the world Lighten Up! Each person helps.
  • Each student who becomes a Reiki I practitioner holds an inner light and better connection to Source energy and that benefits everyone.
Does the Foot Spa Really Detox the Body?

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4 thoughts on “Does the Foot Spa Really Detox the Body?

  1. Dear Marlowjust,

    You’re right! That crud is coming out from all over the body. The black stuff is heavy metals.

    Thanks for commenting!


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    1. Yes it does detox the body by ionic action.
      These are testimonials from users — this is not medical advice. This is just the comments from 2 users of the Ionic foot spa!
      >>>>Testimonial from a 5 star customer: I have been using this product for 7 months. I have suffered with joint pain, stiffness, edema, etc., for quite some time. Over my period of use, it has greatly improved my feet and joint pain. It is supposed to draw the body’s toxins out through your feet. It is much cheaper to buy your own spa than to get it done at the salon for $45/30 minutes. I ran it once without my feet to see what would happen, and the water remained clear. When I run it with my feet in it, the water gets dark and cloudy. It is simple to use and to clean up. You do need to purchase refills every so often because the array eventually stops working, and you also run out of liners and salt. I am very happy with it.
      >>>Another testimonial. This one is from Rosebud: “How do you judge a machine function by the color of the water? All the negative reviews shows that the machine was only use once. Well, let me enligthen you naysayers. To be fair and honest with this review, I have never use this particular machine at all. I rated it 5 stars because I know the potential of continue use. I have in my possession 2 machines of another brand and I’m looking to purchase 2 more. Why you may ask. When I made my first purchase, I was sceptical as well. Yes I agree, in some cases the water will turn orange without your feet in the tub. The ion arrays does electrolysis of the water which we all know is dirty. Rust from the electrodes can dirty your water as well. So what is the point that I’m trying to make? Let’s use this simple illustration: when a person comes to the doctor complaining of pains. The doctor writes a prescription. If the patient only use the medicine once, then you can’t rightly say it don’t work. Once something works for me and for others that I recommend it to, then that’s convincing for me. Because of what we eat today, we are all basically in a very acidic body. One must alkaline the PH in their body to feel better. Our organs are design to traps the acids in our body and release it through our urine. How many of you release dark yellow urine sometimes burning? Too much acid and not enough water drinking. If not release, we will be subject to all types of diseases and pains in the joints. Have you ever use a professional foot massager. Once your feet is on it, every nerve is stimulated to the point that you will have urge to stratch your feet intensively. Likewise, the ionization through the water stimulates your organs to release the toxins that has accumulated. At the end of the session the water will smell and look oily. So to summed this discussion up, don’t judge the machine, look at the results.:)
      The following are the results myself and my clients experienced:
      Acids in the joints (gout) gone after one treatment.
      Swelling in the hands gone after one treatment.
      Edema in the legs went down after one treatment.
      Brighter skin and liver marks after a few treatments.
      Headaches (migraines) after a few treatments.
      Sugar regulated after a few treatments.
      I could go on and on.
      The bottomline: change your diet to healthy choices, drink water 1/2 of your body weight on a daily basis. Juicing fresh vegetables and fruits along with protein powder is healthy. Stay away from white flour foods and sugary foods as much as you can.
      I will be 67 in Oct. 2013 and my husband 69 in Jan 2014. There’s no prescription medicines in my house, need I say anything more.
      Have a good day.

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