Taylore and Roi are a married couple and they share years of study and training in the healing arts, as well as, in the Spiritual Nature of humanity. They experimented with their energy healings using principles of new physics (quantum physics) that demonstrates the impact on our physical reality at quantum, atomic and sub-atomic levels, Zero Point, and they utilize parts of other healing modalities to get to the root cause of issues.

Using elements of Kinesiology (muscle testing) in Reiki healing, for example, they establish direct contact with an individual’s sub-conscious mind and begin an elaborate dialogue with the inner knowingness. This technique reveals blockages, which are immediately targeted with the “Laser Reiki” energy flow.


No matter what healing modality you now practice, the ability to find the root cause of the dis-ease is essential to an efficient cure. Among other information you can obtain from the patients subconscious mind is the percentage of effectiveness your healing will produce. Can you do any good? What percent of the problem can you heal in one session? How many treatments will it take? Does the patient really want healing? Etc. The wisdom is always in your questions. You are acting as a consciousness detective.

It is reassuring to know the effects of the Death Hormone, as identified in the Kryon books, can be reversed. There are energy points known to the body where aging can be halted and growing younger can be reinforced.

“The cause of disease or injury is always an energy blockage which has prohibited the natural flow of healing well-being and health, ” said Taylore, “Health and well-being are natural to the body.” she elaborated. “When a baby is conceived the body is literally built from the fertilized egg cell using the DNA blueprint. That same DNA blueprint provides for the on-goingness of the body through healing. What prevents the body from using it to repair all damages? Energy blockages! They are like little dams that slow down and divert the natural flow of well-being and partially block the self-healing process. We’ve found a quick way to remove the energy blockages, so that healing may began.”

Taylore Vance, author of this article, is a Reiki Master and is the Co-Founder of Cosmic Energetic Healing. Laser Reiki Classes are offered at the Reiki Ranch in Chehalis, Washington. We offer three day Retreats for Traditional Reiki, and four day Reiki Retreats for Traditional Reiki and our specialty, Laser Reiki.
Laser Reiki: Getting to the Root Cause of.. Any Problem!

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