Are you creating the very same lack-of-money situations over and over in your life?

Are you always broke?

Do you desire even more abundance and wealth? Of course!

What is the pattern that keeps you barely getting by, while real abundance is blocked? Most of the people’s abundance block occurs from 0 to 7 years old. Did your parents have a money issue?

What was my mom’s emotion about money? At what age did I duplicate her story about money.

What was my dad’s story about money? At what age did I duplicate my dad’s story about money. Send the Reiki energy into that space, fill that area with golden bright light. Fill in that space with the Universal Love and acceptance!

As a child did you hear these statements or have felt these emotions?

  1. Life is hard
  2. Money does not grow on trees
  3. Not enough money
  4. Your parents had a scarcity mentality
  5. Feeling frustrated about the lack of money, anxious, afraid angry, overwhelmed and powerless
  6. There’s not enough food
  7. Parents said, “You guys cost me money!”
  8. Confused, disorganized, narrow-minded, focusing on what’s not working
  9. Are you telling stories of scarcity or telling stories of abundance
  10. Do you push abundance away?

How do you clear the thoughts and ideas that there is not enough money for you to be rich?

You need to clear the first imprinting of lack you received from early in life. Look for patterns to clear when they show up. You can delete all the old patterns:  of guilt, shame, depression and install new powerful

  1. The world is an abundant place. Reiki clears my way to abundance
  2. Develop an abundance mindset
  3. Appreciate money and be open for the opportunity for an increase
  4. Become Aware of Your Thoughts and keep clearing away the limitation
  5. Look for the symptoms of a scarcity mentality where you lack a good life
  6. Focus on having enough, having abundance, not on the lack of
  7. Celebrate the abundance of others
  8. Share the wealth
  9. Get organized. Wealth likes order
  10. Get an abundance vibe from other people
  11. There are enough resources and successes to share with others.
  12.  Support others, Create win-win situations
  13. Keep a gratitude journal, be thankful for everything
  14. Remind yourself that you are supported and loved by the Universe
  15. Do a vision board, visualize this amazing big goal
  16. You can live an abundant life on your terms
How To Attract Abundance With Energy Clearing

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