I’d say — YES!
 One Reiki student said, “Yes, I would like to take a  Reiki course with several other students. I think I would learn more because of all of the different questions about energy healing that would be presented and I also heard that the energy flow is greater when there are more students in a class.”
Reiki Ranch class
Reiki 1 Free class Sept 23rd
 At the Reiki Ranch, we have 1 to 4 dozen students in the classes. It is like a large spiritual family. You find people you have had past lives with and you feel it like a family reunion.
Every class is different. The make-up of the classes is chosen by the Divine.
I prefer that the all the class members all start together (stay in class together) because of the healing energy vortex is building stronger within each member of the group and that helps clear each one’s personal problems and challenges. We do great things together as One!
There are people who just teach Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 on a one on one bases. I can find you somebody like that.
The Reiki Ranch classes are very different and hundreds of times more powerful than any  1 on 1 classes.
The energy vortexes we create at the Reiki Ranch take you deeper into the Cosmic Energy and changes your life in a big way!
Be on time — as if your life depends on it!
You will be rewarded in the inner planes and your whole family will also benefit from your work when you become ReikiWe help you to release your stress and enjoy wellness again.

We give trainings in Reiki / Laser Reiki where you can flow more positive energy in all circumstances and that helps your financial abundance, health, career and improves your relationships.

The first Reiki 1class is free — all the student has to do is purchase a manual to reserve their seat in the workshop.

We are located in rural Lewis county, Washington state where we have organic fruit trees, mountain fed spring waters, streams, meditation sites, and hiking trails.

Want To Take A Reiki Class With Several Students?

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  1. Are there certification training for lvl 1 in octobrer? Pl reply…even pvt is fine. Cost inc all? Board lodge etc…

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