How do you Schedule Appointment with Energy Healing Therapy?

  • What is your goal for making this appointment?
  • Tell me 3 things that are not working in your life?
  • What feelings do you want more of?
  • What success are you looking for?

Call Taylore or Roi at the Reiki Ranch to schedule an appointment at 360-748-4426

  1. Remote – Long Distance Energy Healing with Laser Reiki?
  2. In Person Energy Healing with Laser Reiki at the Ranch ( about 10 minutes outside of Chehalis, WA?
  3. Over the Phone – Remote – Long Distance Energy Healing with Laser Reiki?Reiki Ranch energy center

Why Schedule An Appointment for a Reiki Energy Healing?

AMA psychiatrists listen to problems but most don’t have the Spiritual tools to help the client.

Modern-day people are not aware that most psychiatric*, psychological, counseling and coaching as well as their respective treatments, therapy and methods are incomplete and are therefore only partially effective. These therapies are not Spiritual and do not access the past live trauma that may be causing the depression!


You might spend days, weeks, months as well as years talking about your problem, but never getting rid of the root cause of the emotional problems that are holding you back, causing you stress, anxiety, and tension among with depressing you and paralyzing your ability to get things done. Energy healing is quicker and more on point.


*Although there are differences in the two AMA mental illness fields, psychiatrists and psychologists often work together in the treatment of patients. A psychologist is not able to write prescriptions, but may recommended a patient be seen by a fellow MD psychiatrist in order to receive medications. NOTE: What if you get hooked on the addictive medications/drugs? There are lots of additions and deaths from taking the medical prescriptions of opiate drugs.

Reiki can heal your life – past, present and future emotions:

• Do you feel something is holding you back or blocking your progress in life?
• Do you feel something is missing from your life or just won’t come in?
• Have you felt overwhelmed with your personal life and you want to give up?
• Do you feel there are unwelcome presences in your house, on your body or on your property?

Many have felt conditions of dis-ease (disharmony, stress, anxiety, pain, etc.) and have received relief — sometimes instantly – other times it is a process.  The Reiki Ranch and Laser Reiki  have a system of Spiritual Healing and Reiki Energy Healing. You can feel as great again!

In addition to the loving peaceful and harmonious flow of energy through your body and environment You might feel younger and healthier again. What must keep in mind is that – how you relate to those around you and to your environment! This is the most important aspect of your life – because when you feel good inside — those around you are not criticized or belittled. You cal also release the bad habits of how you treat others – therefore you will attract good people and relatives back into your life because you are happier and more peaceful.

Every person wears a human body.  Our bodies are made of energy and this energy wants to be cleared and happy. Your energy responds in a positive or negative manner to what you put in, for example food or so-called foods, what you put on or around your body, for example clothes and items in your home. Wear cotton and natural fibers when possible. Eating organically is high and healing energy. Eating fast foods, prepackaged foods are low energy and full of toxic substances; the same goes for liquids, drinking sodas full of sugar is detrimental. Drinking a pure healthy spring water or even distilled water with the added minerals is healing. See mineral supplements.

Your life’s experiences as well as interactions with others have also created a positive or a negative effect on your body’s energy. Become lucky by clearing out negative influences where you start attracting the life you desire.

An accumulation of negative habits of thinking, having beliefs what do not support you joining the higher frequency of your higher self, having energetic responses  of living in the past hurting situations and pain can produce a chronic condition of dis-ease. This condition of dis-ease can manifest itself through a range of physical, emotional and mental disorders.

Positive energy is seen as smooth flowing rivers of light and sparkling happy energy. It feels calm but healthy and vibrant. Negative energy is seen as dark, stagnant or turbulent areas of energy. It feels blocked, unhappy and sad.

Try an energy healing and you can feel the difference!

Schedule Appointment for Therapy, Energy Healing, REIKI Treatment

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