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Lean Energy Healing via a Free Reiki 1 Certification training class. You can become a Reiki Master in one of these Reiki  training workshops in Washington.

****Free Reiki I Certification Dates: ->> See Reiki Ranch Dates!

  • Saturday,  no charge for Reiki One! (Become certified!)

Reiki Master weekend  Only $299  (Certification to Reiki 1-2-3)

  • Saturday and Sunday,

Reiki Master — all 3 levels –

It is only $299 become a Reiki 1, 2, 3 –  Reiki Master in one weekend!

Comparison Prices - Others charge a lot more for Reik1, Reiki 2, and Reiki 3:
  • Reiki 1 - others charge $250-$300
  • Reiki 2- others charge $295-$450
  • Reiki Master- others charge $350 - $750- (Reiki Master is as much as $4000 in Olympia, WA)

Please bring a friend or two! (come to the Reiki Ranch, in the country side near Chehalis, WA)

This is a hands on class – in person instructions. The Instructors are Reiki Masters.

Take the whole Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki 3 training weekend for becoming a Reiki Master – plus books: 3 Reiki teaching manuals are required – special for $45 set!

>> Email Taylore and Roi at [email protected] for registration and to receive driving instructions. Tel. 1-360-748-4426

Reiki Ranch Alternative Healing Center, Chehalis, Washington

These Free Reiki 1 Classes and Reiki Master training Package deals are  given 2 to 3 times a year at the Reiki Ranch

You start consciously creating your reality when you become Reiki. The Life Force wants to help you have a better life and you will consciously learn how to direct this energy toward your dreams and goals as well as energy healing of physical ailments.

Quote by Abraham Hicks: “When you ask, it is always given. There are steps to this creative process. The first step is: Life causes you to ask. Some say,  “I don’t think I should ask for so much”, and we say, you can’t help it.

The entire Universe has been established, and when you are this genius leading edge creator that you are; and you are surrounded by details, comparisons, experiences, as you’re exposed to the variety and details of life; your thinking mechanism automatically comes to new conclusions constantly of what would be improvement. And that is
such a good thing. Even if you are a one celled organism, that’s true of you. Even if you are a one celled amoeba in the ocean, you are exposed to experience that is causing you to come to new conclusions and the source within you turns undivided attention to that new conclusion and that is what causes the evolution of all species, you see.


We all are on the leading edge of creation.

If you could re-create your life what would you do first?

What thought first pops into your mind?

For me it is my health. It is a little frustrating to see the body not perform and not feel like it is still 21 years old. The old masters say, “We create our reality by our thoughts.” And lots of these thoughts of limitations have been put in our brains when we were very small. Maybe we should find those limiting thoughts and get them out of there?

In our energy healing practices, such as, Reiki, Laser Reiki, etc., I have mastered a process called “Instant Pain Release” for myself and others and it does exactly what it says about 93% of the time. There is always an improvement of some kind in the energy field.

That seems like a miracle! It is a miracle! Reiki is life changing

It is actually a mechanical process that can be learned in a series of workshops. (Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal flow of energy” where the practitioner does not use their own energy to heal others.) You are using GOD energy where you let it flow out of you.


  1. You never take on the problems of others
  2. You get the 1st use of this God-Force energy
  3. It knows what to do for you and your clients, friends, family, animals and plants
  4. You are refreshed after using this Reiki.
  5. The students get more happy and they glow after being in our classes within just a few hours

The schedule is on this page:  <<Click

Free Reiki 1 Class| Training | Reiki School | Reiki Lessons | Washington

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10 thoughts on “Free Reiki 1 Class| Training | Reiki School | Reiki Lessons | Washington

  1. We’d like to invite you to come to the Reiki Ranch, take a course and also bring friends

    Is it possible for more of you to let your friends and family know also about this course?

    Every time a person takes Reiki — it makes the world a brighter place…

    That is why our Reiki training is so inexpensive — we want to help as many others and Mother Earth make the transition into the 4th dimension and higher. In order to raise your frequency to move into the higher dimensions you need a better connection to Source Energy. Reiki is such a vehicle! Reiki helps you bridge the gap and become a higher dimensional being and easily beam light and love to others.

    This is working good — we are happy to report!!!

    So please share our links with others!

    Taylore and Roi

  2. copy of a letter received:

    Dear Taylore and Roi of the Reiki Ranch…

    The changes that have occurred since our weekend at Reiki Ranch have been stunning.
    In our hearts it feels like the battle is over and the victory is won. All the striving for a deeper heart felt real connection with God is over because it is here. It is difficult at best to describe the transformation in our lives or the how’s and why’s. There is a hesitancy to do so knowing that for each one of us the experience itself is unique and precious.

    What I do know is that we were ready to receive this glorious presence of God in our lives and hearts. We were ready to be truly intimate with our Creator and willing to do His will. Perhaps even the idea that “we were ready” is too arrogant, as all things fall into His perfect timing. Looking back I can see all the tinniest details of circumstances that shaped me, guided me and created the blueprint for who I have become and all the “why me’s?” have been answered. I have been Awakened is the only way to describe this transformation and the PEACE and Joy we are living with is so vast and all encompassing that I feel like I would have to explode in order to say THANK YOU loud enough.

    WE truly have been born again, brand new and living in all the gifts of the Spirit above and beyond all my hopes and dreams. Glory To GOD in The Highest. Thank You Jesus. Let it Ring in the Heavens.
    Thank You!!!!

    (signed by [email protected])

  3. I just missed your Reiki training classes. When will you be offering level 1,2 and 3 over a weekend again?

    ANSWER: Keep checking back or sign up at [email protected] — give us your name, address, and phone nmber — send it to our email address.

  4. We have a constant flow of free Reiki Classes and the weekends for the complete Reiki Master training / certification. Send us an email to get on the mailing list for updated schedules

    For Registration:
    Tel 360-748-4426
    Email us at the
    [email protected] — with your name , address and phone number

  5. Please send me the application (I do not see a place to register on line) for this class. A friend of mine said she will come too and should email you soon. Thank you, Catherine

    ANSWER: Free Reiki 1,- Please bring a friend or two! (at the Reiki Ranch, outside Chehalis, WA) This is a hands on class – in person instructions.
    Reiki 2- normally $250 — see special price below
    Reiki Master- normally $450 — $650. see special price below
    Take the whole Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki 3 training weekend for becoming a Reiki Master – Special only $299 plus $45 for 3 manuals.

    Email Taylore and Roi at [email protected] for registration and to receive driving instructions. TEL. 360-748-4426

  6. I would like to sign up for your Reiki weekend. I received all levels several years ago and have lost touch with it and miss it dearly. I have also received training in Healing Touch. I live in the county and would like to participate in reiki sharing too. I don’t see a place to sign up for the weekend this January. Which book are you using for your classes, I probably already own it 🙂


    ANSWER:Dear Hope, Thanks for your comment and questions.
    1. We have our own Reiki 1 training manual where we teach you in depth about the law of attraction! It prepares a person better for what’s coming and how fast their life can change.
    2. You sign up by sending us an email to reikiranch (at)


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