Symbols that tell you that you are a Healer – maybe a Reiki Shaman

  1. You are feeling that you’re meant to partake in the awakening (the global shift in consciousness) that is currently underway. The Enlighten Age is on the brink of consciousness.

Shamans come in all ages

We can all feel it- one way or another! This incoming shift that New Agers have talked about for years is happening. But those with the Reiki/shamanic archetype are feeling it in a big way. They see it pulling them/pushing them, like a magnet, towards leadership positions that will help expedite this transformation of human consciousness and evolution.  They hear the call to become a Reiki Shaman to help all humanity on Earth.

  1. You’ve been through a challenging initiation, which has equipped you for this leadership position. You’ve been led by spiritual experiences for this leadership role. You may have had dreams of this position or even had everyday experiences using your inborn talents as a healer.

In indigenous cultures, the village knew who the shaman was because he or she had signs from the Heavens such as being struck by lightning and lived to tell about it. In contemporary culture, you may not literally been struck by lightning, but you may have continued to thrive and be positive after some life or serious threatening nightmare. You may have experienced childhood abuse, sexual violence, an assault, bulling at school, a near-death experience, or some other trauma that helped shape you into the awesome healing shaman you are becoming.

  1. You are an introvert or recluse

Shamans are multi-dimensional beings who dance between the worlds of the seen and unseen. So if you’re of the shamanic archetype, you may have a hard time navigating the 3D realms of this dimension, which may cause you to withdraw into yourself so you can visit the realms of higher consciousness where you feel most at home. Some members of humanity are moving from 3D into 4D and then directly into 5D. You may be asked to step out and become a public figure to help this transformation.

  1. You love being in nature, wilderness and feel at peace alone

The shamans of a native nation are the connections between nature and humans. They serve as translators between the outdoors: mountains, oceans, rivers, lakes, plants animals, and people. You may sense that you’re most tuned in when immersed in nature, the natural earthy world.  Shamans are multi-dimensional beings embracing the Spiritual side who dance between the realms of the seen and unseen worlds. The Spirit realm support you.

  1. You are a very sensitive person and can feel things going on

You may sense things others don’t feel or don’t sense, hear things others don’t hear, see things others don’t see, and/or smell things others don’t smell. This might make it difficult for you to be out in public, where you may feel confronted by an overstimulation of your senses. If you personify the shamanic model, you’re likely the kind of person others may feel is “too sensitive.” You often find yourself reacting to others instead of acting. But this sensitivity is a blessing. It’s part of your gift. Just remember the life is a stage and you are an actor.

  1. You feel a unique spiritual calling to facilitate the suffering of people, animals, and nature.

In the Reiki and other health fields, many energy healers and/or health care providers are called to shamanistic medicine the way priests are called to the priesthood. But you don’t have to be a healer or a health care provider to have that inner drive toward the shamanic archetype. It may transform itself into healing service to animals, children, blessed humanitarian causes, or especially the conservation of Mother Earth.

  1. Physical ailments that you may have had will lead you into learning the solution of illness

In indigenous/native cultures, shamans who have been called to service to humanity who have not yet said “yes” to the invitation often end up experiencing a physical disorder. In modern culture, these shamanistic sicknesses may fall into difficult-to-treat categories of diseases like Lyme disease with the spirochete bacteria, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), the mysterious fibromyalgia, chronic pain disorders, and the strangest of autoimmune disorders. Acceptance of the call to shamanic service often solves the symptoms of shaman’s illness. If you’re suffering from one of these complaints, ask yourself, “Am I a shaman who hasn’t said yes to my calling yet?”

  1. You tend to have vivid dreams that you remember

The invisible realm may be talking/interconnecting with you through your dream state. Why not try questioning your dreams judiciously. Pay particular consideration to any animal totems that may emerge in the dream time, for these animal symbols could be sending you a message. In your dream, identify what they’re saying — using a work-together-plan to bring unconscious messages of the psyche into a more sensible relationship with physical conscious awareness in an effort to solve the possible problems. You have a gift to open here.

  1. You may discover extraordinary spiritual superpowers, or magical powers, and abilities

You may find yourself to be psychic – skilled in extraordinary mental processes. You might acquire the ability to know what to do for others in a healing visions. You may comprehend that you can heal people with your hands – like Reiki or that you are able to telepathically communicate with people, animals or even non-living objects. Everything is made of the God-stuff energy.


9 Signs of A Reiki Calling, A Shaman Calling, Or Spiritual Calling

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