Laser Reiki Level 5 is where you learn about and clear Self Destruct button, land mines, surprises, accidents, illnesses, injuries and pre-programmed Death Programs.

Laser Reiki Level 5 is designed to clear and remove limiting or negative thoughts, beliefs, ideas, feelings, emotions, devices, and energies.

These beliefs can be real, believed, or perceived. Those things in our lives are either visible of invisible. They effect us in many ways:

  • Limiting
  • Controlling
  • blocking energies

We feel them in one of all of these areas:

  • Mentally
  • physically
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually

We also reprogram the dendrites because they hold negative patterns. This is important to clear because any negative vibrations directed toward cell effect the whole body.

We also work with root causes, core issues, beliefs, and fears. We also work with memory blockers and implants as talked about on Art Bell radio program.

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