How to Pick yourself back up with Reiki treatments and Reiki Training

The beautiful Washington State – looking at the Reiki Ranch in spring time. Join this highly sought after energy training and have your spirits lifted up!

“Everything is out there waiting for you. All you have to do is walk up and declare yourself in.No need for permission. You just need courage to say, “Include me”. Providing you have the energy to pull it off you can do what you like. And the Universal Law, being impartial, will be only too delighted to deliver. ”  Stuart Wilde Quote

 Would you allow Reiki to lift your life — up to the next level?  

What if you could start this month with a completely free Reiki 1 Certification class and just see where it takes you? (

The Next Reiki Class date is here (click here) — Reiki weekend only $299 to be a Reiki Master!

You might have wondered,

“What can I do to take my success a little higher?”

You may have figured out that education is one of the keys.

There is a global market place made up of people wanting to expand their consciousness as well as take their success to a new level.  We are doing this ourselves and helping others on this journey into Oneness and Enlightenment. We have found that like-minded people find us and want to associate. Some may also be looking for you, and what you have to offer. (Use Reiki to get any kind of success and/or money!

Fortunately we are each unique!

Reiki connects you to Source energy (God) and the way we teach it – it gives you a big boost in all areas of your life! So many good opportunities are opening up to you — that will happen when you are Reiki — taught Reiki like we teach it! You become connected to the Cosmic Energy Healing and Energy Medicine Healing Techniques

You might ask why is our Reiki certification free when others charge so much?  It is our way pf paying consciousness back for all the neat stuff we receive!

As you know everyone wants to feel good!

One way of having these good feelings is for you to be connected with the higher self/Source/God – a place where you always feel loved!

You might want to stop reading for a moment and try this exercise. Just take a deep breath exhaling completely and say these words three times: “All is well!”

Would you like even more of this energy? This energy created the Reiki Ranch!

Do you think that you could learn a thing or two from us?

We’re the people who manifested a $750,000 Reiki Ranch from zero?

We were living in the woods with no money, credit, job or bank account for the 10 years prior and now we’re here!  (Sure we make payments, but who doesn’t!) Reiki helped us align the energy and clear blockages so the Universe could bring forth the ranch. When you have energy blockages everything is stuck.  There is a simple Laser Reiki procedure for quickly removing energy blockages so you can receive your dreams.

What do you think is holding the masses of people back from this bliss?

We’ve all been programmed to struggle, to fear and be sick!

Books are full of what’s available — you can access feeling good now!

…and all the conflicting information is out there, too.  Is there a conspiracy to keep the whole nation away from feeling good, being healthy, having a great relationship and enjoying prosperity?

Many of us are in the magnetic field of people expanding their consciousness and opening their minds into this new awareness, and this group is expanding beyond containment into Enlightenment!

Learn how we’ve been put down energetically so that we will want to be called normal.

We’re been government/corporation programmed since being a baby to be small and unworthy…

  •  How to think (and not how to think like a master.)
  • When to be angry, scared or depressed.
  • To limit our dreams, or to not dream big.
  • To give away our sovereignty/freedom/personal power.

Reiki Ranck hiking
Reiki class takes a hiking trip up the little stream
Reiki energy healing

Reiki energy healing

I’m sure you’ve noticed evidence of this programming especially in the media?

This is going to blow you away.

 Now before I tell you how you can use this information, I want to expose you to a little known fact: 

Just a few powerful players control the media. During the artificial stock market crash of 1929 it was noticed that there were some press stories blaming key people for causing the crash for personal gain and control. At that time the news media was mostly privately owned by hundreds of small operators. The ones behind the curtains vowed to never let bad PR happen again. Now almost all the media (99%) is owned and controlled by 5 major companies who all work together promoting their side of the story. Americans are being brainwashed by fear on how to think and act. They play most people’s emotions like a musical instrument. We could give thousands of examples, but you know what we mean.

Google these words at “The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed” where 10 million people have watched it in the first 30 days, and others exposing the lies about this situation to take AR guns away from Americans. This false flag event was staged by the Cabal owned and controlled people and their media.

There were 3 shooters (not one as the TV says) and more cover-ups and actors playing dads, moms and teachers . One father put up a Facebook website for donations for his slain daughter several hours before the so-called killing happened. United Way sent out condolences 3 days before the shooting. This is really weird stuff! We need a free and trusted press! Some of the same “Sandy Hook” actors showed up in the news in the Boston bombing as actors again, and in the Paris shooting! This is crazy actions on the part of the Cabal and their minions to completely make slaves out of the people. They are trying to show the world that the people need controlling and need to be good little slaves.

We have the power to take back our ownership of our country / our freedom and it is being done in several awareness groups across the USA. We also have help from the good aliens: we just have to ask for help!

How would it feel to be supported in a community of Light-minded individuals?  People are waking up and demanding truth.

Can you imagine how it would feel to be supported on your Journey with an understanding of what it is to be out of the box?

What would it be worth to you?

  • To feel good most every day
  • To have real Freedom To have a Solidness within – a strong spiritual foundation
    • In the Body – be healthy, youthful
    • In the Mind – to know things
    • In the Spirit – to have an awakening and get the golden key
    • Financial Freedom – releasing the struggle and worry
  • To really know who you are To know all about your potential
  • To know how to obtain that potential

Now you may be wondering what to do next? How would you like to freely join a movement in consciousness and awareness that is poised to take this country by storm.  You could be on the leading edge of this storm of discovery – finding your roots to become the Grand Cosmic Being.

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Are you willing to explore living a life as your higher self?

Are you ready to experience the…

free Reiki 1 Certification Workshop at the Reiki Ranch?

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or the complete Reiki Master weekend on  special for only $299.

It is neat hanging out with all of us in this high energy for several days

Want to Connect at a deeper level with Your Higher Self?  (This brings your Dreams to be.)

We discovered the hidden side of Reiki in 1993. It is growing and expanding — simply Amazing!

We call this Laser Reiki and it is also used as an instant pain release method, using only Source energy. You will clear karma in this Laser Reiki Class.

Laser Reiki is an advanced form of Energy Medicine said to be 10X faster than traditional Reiki. The next LR classes are — to be scheduled— at the Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, WA. The Chicago dates are also to be scheduled!.  See the new Laser Reiki website ( Reg. price is $2495 – now discounted! Take advantage of the Special Advanced price for this email message at only $1000 for the 6 month series of classes. Bring a friend and each will have a study partner.

Next: this is a work in progress…  check this out and contact us if you are interested in being a part?

How To Pick Yourself Back Up

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One thought on “How To Pick Yourself Back Up

  1. Hello!

    To who ever is reading this, I hope you are having a blessed day! I just spoke on the phone with Taylore. This is a follow up email to that conversation, and a confirmation of my will to attend the Reiki Master training starting soon, and to participate in your work study program.

    This season of my life is one that is calling for stillness, meditation, and contemplation. Your advertisement found me, and I was immediately certain that I had to attend. I want to grow further into spirituality, and awaken the potential within me. To have a space most conducive to this journey would be a great blessing. Currently I am without work, but I have sufficient wealth to sustain me.
    I have many friends and family across California, and Oregon, different places I can stay until my time at the Reiki Ranch begins, however if the possibility exists to come earlier perhaps sometime in March I would be most elated by the opportunity. Not to say I am not already incredibly excited for what already has been offered to me. I will be my best, and embody a humble and positive presence during my stay. Whatever work there is to be done, I will be ready to give myself fully.

    Let me know what you think, and if anything, what else you need from me. 🙂

    Thank you for your time,


    A new Prospective student!

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