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Learn Laser Reiki 1 at a 2-Day Workshop/Retreat

Reiki Master on Jun 12th 2013

New Laser Reiki Website: http://laserreiki.com


Next Laser Reiki Class is to be scheduled for a 2-day weekends

Laser Reiki Class 1,  2-Day $300

Laser Reiki Class 2, 2-Day $300

Laser Reiki Class 3,  2-Day  $300

Laser Reiki Class 4,  2-Day  $300

Get a discount!

Come get a healing, relax, enjoy and embrace wellness!

Laser Reiki Instant Pain Release — Levels 1-3 scheduled for this year

 held at the Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, WA (South of Olympia and North of Portland.)

Taylore or Roi at (360) 748-4426

Learn Laser Reiki–  Workshop/Retreat

 LR Teaches You How to:

  • Use Laser Reiki – a concentrated energy beam from the 6th dimension and above that flows out the finger-tips.
  • Discover the root cause of dis-ease and imbalances (what emotion started it in the first place.)
  • An energy-to-energy process for removing pain, trauma, stress, anxiety, fear, etc. — instantly in most cases.
  • Clear imbalances and/or dis-eases years before they become apparent.
  • How to determine the amount of energy blockages present in a person or situation.
  • Clear hidden beliefs and hidden fears in Moments.
  • Do remote energy treatments using only the person’s name and location.
  • Calculate and clear the reasons that are holding you back from success in all areas of your life.
  • Heal yourself, your friends, your family, pets and plants with Source energy.

Wishing to take back control of your health? Want an easy way to clear those chronic pains that have resisted treatment for many years? Try Laser Reiki! It is unsurpassed.

How is the Laser Reiki healing method the most sought after? Why are Reiki Masters, Chi Gong practitioners, Therapeutic Touch, other energy workers, massage therapists, Chiropractors, Nurses and other health workers taking Laser Reiki? Many professionals are adding Laser Reiki to their toolbox because there is nothing else even remotely as powerful and useful in clearing blockages and restoring the blueprint of health and well-being.

This workshop will enhance and add a whole new dimension to whatever modality you now use. Taught by Taylore and Roi the founders of Laser Reiki.

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